Located in the north of Europe, Denmark is a land of surprises for many who view Nordic countries as the only land of snow-capped mountains and Eskimos. Being ranked the 2nd happiest country in the world, Denmark has shattered all the stereotypical views surrounding the developments and happenings in a Nordic country.

This Scandinavian country is a land of bountiful natural resources, culture, and heritage whose amalgamation is eye-catching for the rest of the world. Usually, due to preconceived notions regarding Icelandic countries’ geography, the highlights of these countries including Denmark’s, often remain undermined for the tourists.

Some of the Top Things to do in Denmark | Adventure & Attractions

The land of Denmark has captivating features from every segment of a tourist’s attraction point- be it an adventure, delicacies, sports activities, interesting facts, historical artefacts, or mythological findings.

A spin through the guide for things to do in Denmark during a tour –

Adventurous Sports and Activities to do in Denmark

Denmark has a plentiful of adventurous activities and sites to see. Here’s a list of what to see in Denmark.

adventures in denmark

  • Oresund Bridge is a long bridge built in the waters of Denmark. It connects the border of Denmark with Sweden. It is the longest bridge in Europe, and its magnificent view is best for driving in one’s car along this long bridge standing amidst the waters.
  • Sailing in a Viking Boat is one of the top things to do in Denmark. Great stories about the Vikings from Denmark is still alive in almost everyone’s memories. The Viking ship museum has an arrangement for tourists to sail in the ships built in the shape from the Vikings’ era. The crew gets to know about the interesting stories related to Vikings while sailing through the high seas.
  • Scavenger Hunt is an interesting activity set up by the municipalities of West Copenhagen. It is definitely one of the fun things to do in Denmark. They have built 6 giant recyclable structures from scrape wood, intending to drive tourists into exploring the beautiful nature. 
  • Cycling through the flatlands of Denmark is an adventurous and healthy sport. Denmark has an extensive network of bicycles available both for recreational as well as regular purposes. The country being one of the top-listed eco-friendly countries, the culture of cycling has been normalized, which has inevitably become an exciting sport for many too.
  • Climbing through the shifting dunes in Råbjerg Mile is an adventure. As recorded by scientists, for the last 300 years or so, the dunes have been constantly migrating and its trails can be found in that place.
  • Bridge walking is very famous in Sydney. But who knew that Denmark would be the only country besides Sydney to offer such an experience. The little belt bridge over the sea gives an amazing view of the waters while one would want to walk down through the belt.
  • Camping adventures over treetops, one-of-a-kind activity in Denmark for tourists. The south of Zealand Island which is connected to Copenhagen has a lot of camping activities available on treetops. Tourists can even stand on top of these tall treetops camps and look over the inside of Copenhagen and the rest of the Zealand territory.
  • Legoland in Billund would become more exciting if one is travelling with kids or has an interest in Lego characters. The Legoland has the construction of many buildings built out of Legos, and many are under-construction like castles, etc.

Hiking through the coastline of volcanic remnants in Fur is one of the best things about Denmark.

The beauty of this place is in its coastline where people can hike and watch the beautiful golden sunshine shimmering through the sands of the beaches. It also has nearby Breweries for people to hang out and relax over some exquisite delicacies, beers, and interesting conversations.

Important Cuisines from the Danish Culture

The Nordic culinary values find a place in the world’s top list of food culture. The Danish food culture is known for the richness of vegetables and protein in its food items.

Cuisines from the Danish Culture

The chefs of Denmark are pushing towards a transformation in their cuisine style, where traditional food items are being infused with ingredients of high nutritional value. Some of the best-curated food items that one must try on a visit to Denmark are:

  • Forloren Hare is a famous meatloaf in the Danish culture, where the chefs prepare it with a combination of eggs, minced pork, and leeks. It is then garnished with a gravy made out of the pork bones. It is then roasted in the oven for a while which turns this dish into a cake-like structure but cherry-topped with bacon. 
  • Tarteletter looks like a hollow cupcake which is given a puffy pastry-like base. The hollow is then filled with a mixture of boiled chicken, white asparagus, and béchamel sauce; but sometimes these ingredients are interchanged for tartlet cups that can be purchased, and filled with a mixture of vegetable ingredients like carrots, peas, etc. This is mainly due to two reasons- experimentation purposes and focuses on ingredients infused into foods. One of the very reasons for the Danish people (including Nordic countries’ people) to be healthier in comparison to the rest of the world.
  • Brunkål is a dish from vegetable extraction, where brown cabbage is sweetened with sugar in the pan after being caramelized to get rid of its bitterness. It is then warmed in an oven with pork shanks being garnished all over it. The process is followed to churn the fat and juice from pork into a sweet sauce. The dish is often seasoned with corn starch and maybe pickled cucumber.
  • Smørrebrød is a famous sandwich in Denmark. Bread is very popular in Danish cuisine culture. Unlike the prevalent idea of a closed sandwich around the world, this is an open sandwich concept, which never goes unmentioned by anyone, especially in Denmark. The rye bread which forms the base of the open sandwich is usually topped with red onion rings, eggs, and shrimps, pork liver, salted ham, or pickled herring coupled with salad. 
  • Koldskål is a cold dish, usually served during the summer season. It is a mixture of buttermilk soup, some biscuits, and fruits. Milk and strawberry and few other fruits form a part of the daily diet in the culture of Danish people. 
  • Risalamande is not the usual rice pudding paste which many people would associate rice pudding. It is a dessert, mostly served during Christmas dinners, rich with rice, vanilla, whipped crème, almonds, and topped with some cherry sauce. Dairy products are also very famous in the list of food items consumed by the Danish people
  • Denmark’s National Dish is not a single item but a platter full of potatoes, fried pork, parsley sauce, and meat dishes. It is then fried until crispy and then served with some more potatoes and fries. Denmark people have a tradition of eating and including potatoes in almost all their dishes along with protein-rich diets like meat, pork, etc.

Denmark’s tourist attraction – A Treasure of beauty for site-seeing!

Billund Denmark

  • Underground Maritime Museum in Denmark is the most unique museum in the world. Helsingør, the underground museum stands out among the rest as it is constructed very deep under the ground. The tour which it provides to the tourists is aimed at portraying the marine history of Denmark.
  • View of millions of Starling dance in the sky is a must-see in Denmark. Quite a natural phenomenon, thousands of starling birds are observed to form a pattern called murmurations over the marshland of South Jutland. Some say it could be a dance while some have predicted it as a form of defence mechanism from predators. However, this view which occurs in August every year is a must-watch for everyone.
  • The largest Cultural Festival of Europe is the Roskilde Music festival which is organized around the month of July every year. Roskilde is an ancient city with a massive cathedral and Viking ships. It is famous as the ‘music city‘ because many music fans gather at this place to enjoy the big music festival in Europe.
  • Mirror-shaped Ancient Fortress of Kastellet dates back to the 16th century when it was built by King Christian IV. The fort is a star-shaped structure with 5 bastions at each end, built back in the 17th century to protect Denmark from any kind of attack from the sea.
  • Vikings Burial Ground is as antique as the artefacts from the Viking age are. The remnants from the Viking age as well as dating back to the period of Iron Age can be found in Lindholm Høje. There are around 682 graves which depict the burial of great Viking people; these graves were not the highlight of Denmark’s culture for centuries until they were discovered. Their famous Viking Ships, with a peculiar structure, can be found carved out in the stones. An entire village has been preserved in the name of protecting and displaying the Viking culture and lifestyle to the world.
  • Buried Church of Skagen is an ancient architecture with a story of its own. To the north of Denmark is the St. Laurence’s Church which was built around the 18th century. It was named after Seafarers. The Church was given away to the sands towards the late 18th century i.e. in 1795. Only the tower is visible from the top of the land.
  • Parkipelago is an exciting activity offered over Copenhagen islands where one can hire electric boats and enjoy over its harbours. These floating harbours are attached to the boats and one can just relax on top of these paradises.
  • The little mermaid statue which has been constructed by Hans Christian Andersen is about 100 years and elder. It shows a mermaid sitting a rock, with the entire sculpture being made out of bronze, and gazing with love at the prince (that’s what the story says!).

Nightlife in Denmark

The culture of partying is very vibrant and alive in Denmark. Unlike the countryside feeling that one would get in most of the Islands owned by Denmark, the contemporary vibes are very much alive too. Here’s what to do in Denmark!

Nightlife in Denmark

  • The Culture Box, located in the capital city of Denmark, is a top-notch party club in this Scandinavian country. It is divided into four bars and clubs, each reflecting a different ambience and theme for parties. It is a culture of revitalizing its electronic music in the heart of the Scandinavian country.
  • One looking for international and national artists’ works must barge into KB3, the longest nightclub of Denmark.
  • Vega is one-of-its-kind among the party clubs if one is looking for concerts or DJ vibes for partying.

Interesting Facts about the Danish People

Besides the famous adventurous activities and tourist spots available, there are some Denmark points of interest that one must know about the Danish people and their country.

Facts about the Danish People

  • Denmark ranks 2nd in the World Happiness Index next to Finland. This is mostly due to the well-established social-life structure that is prevalent there. People have a great understanding and sensibility towards social welfare and also bear common responsibility. This is also because the government is very stable in that region, with the least corruption among the bureaucrats- one of the biggest reasons for people having no hesitation in paying higher taxes to the government.  
  • For having completely adapted to eco-friendly technologies, is what Denmark is famous for around the world. Some of the islands like the Amager and Samsø islands are fully efficient renewable energy producers and consumers. Windmills are very common in almost all parts of the country, which is responsible for producing most of the energy for consumption. However, the rate of consumption of energy is much lower than its production.
  • The healthcare and education system is very well-established. The education system is available for free for all the Danish kids and EU citizens, but reasonable scholarships and tuition fees are charged from international students. Due to this good infrastructure, many people willing to pay higher taxes to the government as they have a lot of faith in their governing system.
  • The Danish flag is the oldest in the world, and its monarchy is even older.
  • There’s a place called Hawaii in Denmark, which is best for surfing.
  • Greenland, an island owned by Denmark, is the largest island in the world, considering that Australia is included in the group of continents.
  • One of the famous English literature plays, Hamlet, was set in the Elsinor Castle- one of Denmark tourist attraction.
  • The government has a list of names which are pre-decided for the babies. This leaves no room for any non-danish names to be used for a newborn Danish baby.
  • The country is very progressive, be it legally, socially, or technologically. It is illegal to burn any other country’s flag but no such restriction on people to burn the Danish flag. Laws regarding alcohol consumption is not present; however, some limitation on the purchase of alcohol contents with regards to age is indeed present.
  • Among every other historical fact, it would be an injustice to not mention the Vikings from the Great Danish land! These are some of the earlier inhabitants from the 8th century, who were considered to be very barbaric yet valiant warriors across the globe. They used to worship Norse Gods and Goddesses. 

Apart from the famous Danes, Denmark has a lot of beauty that needs to be explored. Interesting and eye-catching islands, artefacts and many more cultural elements from the Danish country is a sure sight of pleasure.

The European culture is engulfed with many other varied cultures and traditions from different folks of life. Besides the exquisite places that one can pay a visit to, people can try out a different kind of fun stuff, like visiting churches – the Nordby Church is a famous Danish place, the Nordby Belltower, the one-man island in Denmark, and many more.

Final Thoughts

Tourism becomes more fun when one gets to visit a friendly neighbourhood, and the Danish people are some of the most welcoming folks in the world today.

The entire country along with the islands are almost 100% ecofriendly, which makes it more viable for those who wish to spend some quality time, far away from the hustle-bustle of crazy, urban lives.

The local touristic activities which can be explored and must be by many others include events like the gathering of hundreds of Santa Clauses at Bakkan or maybe the mystifying burying lighthouse of Rubjerg Knude.

A wide range of activities, culture, traditions, and many more can be found in the magnificent country of Denmark. Definitely, besides being at the top in education, health sector, happiness index, and corruption-free bureaucracy list, Denmark is a treasure full of fun activities and adventure for tourists across the world.


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