South-East Asia is one of the most famous locations for people who are planning for their vacation. Most of the countries in this part of the world are famous worldwide, either due to their wealth, resources, or maybe just the location theirs. Singapore and Thailand are two of the top destinations for you to look at while planning your next travel schedule.

Singapore and Thailand, both, have a rich and vibrant culture of theirs which has historically been sound. Singapore is one of the wealthiest nations of South-East Asia, and a part of the Asian Tigers too. Today it is a thriving global financial hub. An interesting fact about these two nations- Singapore was once a British colonial country while Thailand has never been under the control of any European power in the past.

Singapore takes pride in being a stable and secure economy with its strict local laws and renewed conservatism, while Thailand is more like the fastest growing economy of South-East Asia (having less strict rules). Many Indians can be found residing in Singapore while Thailand is a hot spot for touristy purposes for the Indians. Many times you might find yourself caught up between Thailand vs Singapore?

Let’s spin through some of the interesting facts about these two interesting places, so, you can decide where to travel next on your map!

Thailand versus Singapore: Cultural Vibe

Thailand vs Singapore

Thailand is a blend of both modern and local, so wherever you go, you can find structures and cultures of a different timeline. You get to see exotic buildings with the modern cult of dressing while there are places which give you a traditional vibe; it has a rich history and a current monarch in power too. You will get to experience a mix of both vibes at different places.


Singapore is more structured in a modern sense. This is mostly because the buildings, the work culture and even the trend you get to see when you visit this place is more bent towards a modern view. There are beautiful architectures, tall and splendid- with a refined touch to it. It is one of the most modern cities in the world today. It has been planned to perfection. There is a commercial feel to this country’s environment; so, everybody gets to experience a common feeling.

Thailand versus Singapore: Best Time to Visit

The months of January to March are usually dry, November to December is usually cooler to visit Bangkok and central Thailand. Around the dry season, the temperature usually measures somewhat around an average between 32 and 34 degrees Celsius; and during November and December, the temperature is at an average of 30 degrees.

Thailand versus Singapore

Singapore is a year-round destination for anyone planning to travel. However, December to June is the best period for you to visit this place. The duration from February to April is a very dry period; sometimes extending till July too. From November to early March, you get some showers, but after that, the country typically gets the least amount of rain, the lowest humidity, and the most sunshine. So, even if it is mostly humid all year long, it is better to remain hydrated before going to the streets.

Thailand versus Singapore: For Travel

The airports of Thailand and Singapore are busy all year long. They are some of the busiest airports in the world. If you are traveling within the South-East Asian region, chances are you won’t have a layover because direct flights to these places are very common.

Thailand versus Singapore For travel

However, very less likely that you will be on a layover unless exceptional circumstances. For tourists from far-away places, flights are usually direct unless otherwise mentioned. Changi Airport is one of the most beautiful places you can visit. The design and structure and features like a forest that has been grown inside, a waterfall inside the building and many more are worth watching structures.

Singapore and Thailand

Thailand versus Singapore: For Holidays

Thailand is a very friendly-budgeted place. So, you can find multiple options at a wide variety of prices ranging from low to high, depending on your affordability. You can easily opt for hostels, hotels, resorts, pool villas, and even bungalows can be taken. You get to choose what you want and how much you want to pay- you can make a choice.

Thailand for holidays

Singapore, on the other hand, might turn out to be pricy for most of the travelers. Singapore has a magnificent culture of modernism where you will find even the local buildings coming modern technology and branded products installed in them. So, you might not find local hotels at low costs.

Singapore for Holidays

Even the basic hotels will be a bit pricy for many. But you will get to experience a luxury feeling from all the design and artifacts in the buildings. If you don’t mind spending a bit more to enjoy during your travel, then you can visit this place. Also, a very modern feature that many of these luxury resorts and hotels provide you with is a rooftop swimming experience as well.

Thailand versus Singapore: Adventurous Sightseeing

If you love adventure, especially the ones which are more nature-oriented, then Thailand is a paradise for you. It is surrounded by vast oceans where you can do paragliding, surfing, take a jump from crazy heights, or maybe even jump from the skies. You have multiple trainers on the beach available who will help you experience once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Adventurous sightseeing Singapore

One of the most popular adventure sport here is scuba diving; there are some of the most beautiful and cheapest dive spots in the world. You will also get an opportunity to swim with Giant Whalesharks- the largest fish in the world. And for those who wish to try out milder adventurous sports, you can try zip-lining, snorkeling, and tons of fun water sports.

Singapore is also an adventurous destination; it is mostly all indoors. They have an interesting wind tunnel that simulates a skydiving experience.

Adventurous sightseeing Thailand

There are many adventurous parks where you can go bungee jumping, surf, scuba dive, and zip line sport too. The nature element might miss here, but you will get a thrill in experiencing all this.

Thailand versus Singapore: Nightlife

Singapore has a very classic nightlife. It might be a bit toned down, but you can enjoy your heart out. One of the best things about the modern lifestyle that Singapore leads and lets its traveler’s experience is the luxurious lifestyle. You can let your hair down and dress up for having wild fun or maybe just a soothing get together. You can find a lot of thumping bars, bars, and beach clubs where you can dance the night away.

If you are a sophisticated folk, then there are stylish rooftop bars. The view is amazing. Magnificent buildings with beautiful interiors and exteriors (in the case of rooftops). Sit there, enjoy a sip of beer if you wish to, listen to music, and eat some delicious food items of Singapore.

Nightlife Thailand

Even for families who are traveling to Singapore, there are plenty of interesting things to put on the checklist. You can watch the laser and fountain shows at night; go for night safaris; plenty of comedy clubs and outdoor night shows; and many more entertainment options to choose from.

Thailand has a reputation for hosting crazy nightlife across the world. There are beach parties with random strangers, pub crawls, and street dance defines the electric nightlife of Thailand. In addition to this, the streets of Thailand add to its nightlife beauty. Most of them have developed a cult status among the party animals.

If you are more of a sophisticated person, then there are swanky clubs, glamorous rooftop bars, and beer bars by the bay. So, if you are a bachelor of 20 who wants to let loose or a couple who is looking for an elegant and chilled out drinking joint, there will always be something for you in Thailand.

Thailand versus Singapore: Island Hoping

What makes Thailand a popular destination is the number of getaways it offers you. There are thousands of islands dotting its long shoreline, which will spoil your choice. The beauty of these islands is that they cater to all kinds of travelers, be it a honeymooning couple, a group of friends, solo travelers seeking a secluded getaway, or those looking for beautiful waters to dive in. In brief, you get to explore a lot of beautiful islands.

Island thailand

Singapore does not host as many islands as Thailand but it has some eye-catching spots to visit. Sentosa Island, a former fortress, is a heaven for all travelers. If you are looking for pure adventure, fun and relaxation, this island will make it a vacationer’s paradise for you. You cannot miss this cornucopia of activities! After significant makeovers over recent times, St. John’s Island is one of the most visited islands in Singapore.

It hosts beautiful idyllic beaches, adventure sports, fun activities, and an amazing range of things to do for families, couples, and solo travelers alike. This is a must-visit place for beach bums! It is named after the Chinese word for tortoise, Kusu Island in Singapore is the picture of serene grace. It is home to two Chinese temples and three Malay Kramats. It also has two charming folklores- a tortoise had saved two sailormen from drowning, which took the form of an island.

Thailand versus Singapore: For Honeymoon

Singapore for honeymoon

Singapore is truly a marvel of sights, both man-made and natural. It is all about sci-fi architecture, billion-dollar gardens, contemporary art, striking new hotels, and a retail joyride.

Thailand for Honeymoon

Thailand is known as The ‘Vegas of the East’. There are gorgeous landscapes, blissful beaches, extravagant resorts on the beach, delicious delicacies, adventurous sporting activities, and a thrilling nightlife throughout the country.

Thailand versus Singapore: Beautiful Beaches

Thailand Beaches

If we have to compare between Singapore and Thailand for beach hopping, then the latter always heads the competition. If you happen to travel to the south of Thailand, then it is almost as if you are never far away from the beach. It has beaches almost everywhere!

Singapore Man Made Beach

Singapore has few beaches and all of them are non-natural i.e. made-made. They have been importing sand from outside the country but it is not easy to create the same volume as that of a natural beach. But yes, their beaches are some of the most beautiful ones in the world. You can travel to these beaches and spend some quality time there.

Thailand versus Singapore: Things to do and Places to Visit

sightseeing in Singapore

There are very few options for sightseeing in Singapore. Some of the largest places in the world like- The Singapore Zoo and the sea aquarium offer you an opportunity to view animals from all around the world. Some other urban attractions include museums, bird parks, river cruises and mega malls. You cannot visit Universal Studios, the super-popular theme park and return from Singapore.

sightseeing in Thailand

Being one of the most diverse countries in South-East Asia, Thailand offers you opportunities to explore endlessly. Vibrant cities like Bangkok and Phuket or the islands and beaches of Koh Samui and Koh Phi Phi, all these places have a lot of unique things for you to experience. There are beautiful temples, floating markets, museums, bicycle tours, island tours, national parks, animal safaris, underwater aquariums, mega malls- so many options that you will be stunned.

If you have prepared your mind to visit Thailand then we have something very special for you, which is, Bangkok Nightlife Guide. This guide will help you understand all about Bangkok nightlife. Give it a read and let us know your comments.


Choosing a place to travel to be like deciding where you want to go, what are your priorities, etc. If you visit Singapore, it will be like a relaxing vacation for a family, holiday, or a honeymoon. It has a lot of comfortable places for you but maybe nothing unique. If you are looking for a more modern and extravagant lifestyle at your destination, then Singapore is your place.

Thailand is more like a place with options that lets you explore through them. So, sort out your choices and head for an exciting trip!



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