Speechless First Experience of Switzerland’s Cheese Fondue

Have you noticed many people eating cheese fondue, when you enter a restaurant in Switzerland? I have seen, and thought to give it a try. And of course, why not, especially when you in Switzerland, the place which is most famous for cheese and the authentic Swiss cheese fondue. Sounds interesting right? You will be amazed to know that, like me :P, that Swiss Cheese fondue was declared as National Dish of Switzerland by Swiss Cheese Union, back in the 1930s. Woooooaah! Learned something new 😉

Swiss cheese fondue is easily available all around Switzerland, but I would recommend to eat it in a proper authentic way, you know, just to feel the culture of the beautiful country. There is not just the cheese fondue, but many other types of fondue like chocolate fondue and much more.

The one which I tried was the Cheese Fondue. It is made up of melted cheese as the main ingredient and served in a pot, which is especially for fondue in Switzerland, which is kept over the small portable stove which gets heated either by candle or spirit lamp. This cheese fondue is eaten along with bread, by dipping the bread into small pieces in the cheese fondue. The bread is dipped in the fondue using a long thin fork, especially used for the fondue so that the bread doesn’t get lost in the cheesy world 😉 I was personally fascinated to see the small stove and the cheese over it when I saw it for the first time. Being the cheese lover and also love for tasting varieties of different foods in various countries, made me try this swiss cheese fondue, which actually turned out to be an amazing experience!

Basically this cheese fondue is made up of varieties of swiss cheese, wine and some seasoning like ingredients. To be honest, before eating the cheese fondue, I was unaware of the ingredients and the details of the preparation behind it. Out of curiosity and excitement, just after eating I found out the details about it. It is always better to ask at the restaurant itself to help you with the authentic way to eat this and may be someone at some restaurants would love you showcase their culture of eating the dish and the facts behind it! Try getting those. Believe me, it’s worth it!

Making of cheese Fondue starts with rubbing garlic clove in the fondue pan. Add a little amount of white wine along with cornstarch. Start by adding the grated cheese of different varieties and keep stirring until you get into that Melted Cheese World 😛 The reason behind adding the cornstarch is to make the fondue bit thick to prevent the separation between the ingredients. Depending on the thickness and consistency of fondue, you can add a little more wine if needed. And here comes your Cheese Fondue served on the small heated portable stove. You can enjoy this with the small pieces of bread to be dipped in Cheese Fondue with the help of Fondue long fork. How does it taste? Did you like it?

I have heard that while eating this cheese fondue if someone drops in the bread piece in cheese, the person gets the punishment like to offer wines to everyone on the table, or kiss the next person sitting to him or some other dare. Do you dare to play this game and make it more exciting while eating your favourite Swiss Cheese Fondue? There are also many traditions and etiquette behind this special dish of the country. Do you wish to hear that? Let us know, and we will try to make you happy the most 🙂

Share with us your view, your stories (about the game, if you dared to play 😉 ), and your experience with us, and we would be glad to hear them and share it with other readers and travellers too. Don’t forget to check out the review video that we have for you and it clearly shows hoe speechless it made me when I first tasted the dish. Hoping to see your expressive video too 🙂  Enjoy your trip and foodie cheesy world!

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