How do you feel when you travel solo as a woman? Does that bring a feeling within you? What all things come to your mind when you think about your past travel experiences? Is it the desire for new freedom, new food, new places to see, or get away from all to an entirely new place where no one knows you?

Travel makes me feel like more of myself

The seamless pictures that we see on Instagram are not exactly the experience that you get while you travel, and you discover the original story behind that picture. Let us take a small scenario: while you imagine yourself to have the best picture with ‘Eiffel tower,’ there are many things to reach up to that point and take a perfect picture.

Trip to Eiffel tower Paris
Eiffel tower, Paris
  • You need to get out of your comfort zone, i.e., home (the most comfortable place for everyone, I assume) and also from your own city/country.
  • Face challenges at the airport if any, like flight delays, carrying a lot of luggage, wrong and lost luggage, getting to the wrong gate, or sometimes, for reaching the airport, getting into the wrong train station or sometimes to change many seats in the flight ( if you have booked the low-cost airlines).
  • After making it to the new country/city, sometimes language becomes the issue, making it difficult to communicate. Though ‘English’ would be considered at most of the places.
  • Along with language, after stepping into an entirely new country/city, you will have to find reasonable ways to reach your hostel/hotel (I would recommend booking some good hostels, as it gives you an entirely new experience with other people from various countries) and get settled down.
  • Finally, the day when you have a plan to visit the Eiffel tower, your dream destination, you are all set and ready with a happy mind and finally reach there. You might see a hell of a lot of crowds, especially during the summers, and thus your picture-perfect might need more time and settings where you can have it.
  • You still keep hopes with that perfect smile on your face, and at last, you manage to take that ‘picture perfect,’ inspite of all the chaos and challenges that you have faced. It is worth experiencing.

Being at home, you were just imagining, and then you started the implementation. But you were not aware of the challenges coming in the way, and if you will be able to overcome them and move ahead. But you did it. You took yourself out of your comfort zone, have put in efforts that were worth counting.

Eiffel tower
At the top of the Eiffel tower

Travel teaches us that even if things are challenging, or not in our favor, we keep on moving forward without affecting our plans and the trip. It helps you to learn more about yourself and know yourself in a better manner. Believe me, these challenging transits and travels becomes one of your best memories of the trip 😉

Travel helps you to trust strangers and know the world

News is all about exaggeration. I don’t say it is the case always and things shown are not real, but most of the time, it’s like ‘making a mountain out of a mustard seed.’ Though we should be cautious and aware of our surroundings and know everything about the place that we are about to travel to.

Even the new countries which look scary and frightening from far have so much beauty within them. There are many other beautiful things to explore and experience in a foreign country. For example, I would take my own country, India. There is much news about India’s unsafe streets, but on the other hand, its beauty and diversity are unmatchable with any other country in the world. No doubt, you have to be more careful and take care of the things that go around you.

Don’t you feel about breaking the barriers, trusting your instincts, having faith in yourself, disbelieving the stereotypes, and moving forward to the most beautiful place with more understanding and urge to explore, rather than stay in fear.

Don’t forget to enjoy the beauty of Beautiful countries ❤️

I don’t ask you to make your mind and go into danger zones. Rather, I mean to say is, don’t stop yourself from traveling and trusting. Travel sometimes forces us to trust strangers because of their helping nature and kindness.

In an entirely foreign country, you will have to depend on a stranger to help you with the directions, local restaurants, and local places to explore, even for the stay. We might have to rely on them for most of our things even if we don’t know their language. While you board a bus, or do a money exchange, or buy some gifts from the market, you still have to trust the kindness of a stranger.

Friendship with a stranger while traveling
Stranger, who is no more a stranger 🙂

This will also allow you to know about their culture, their daily lives, the way they do get together with their friends and family, the way they celebrate, enjoy their local foods, and much more. Sometimes you might find yourself sitting alone on a shore of a beach with a feeling of hatred, or love, or fear, or confusion and having a foreign stranger sitting near you. You still have to fight that perplexed emotions within you, take a step, and trust that stranger with your kindness and faith. Sometimes, this trust and conversation will turn out to friendship, and these travel buddies and memories you will always cherish.

I personally had a similar experience while exploring Malta and met a beautiful girl from France (lives in the UK) who is now one of my good friend.

Travel helps you to keep your thirst for learnings

Traveling brings you back to that childhood mode where you wanted to learn and everything you see new and not aware of. Similarly, while Traveling, you become more curious to know everything when you see it, and you start searching for it, saying ‘what’s this,’ ‘what’s that’?

Traveling is all about exploring and learning new things that keep your thirst alive. Learning is a never-ending process while you travel, with the addition of more adventures. The things written in history books are on one side, but going to various countries and cities to find out the actual pages of history is worth experiencing! Being in a foreign country gives you the learning experience by visiting the restaurants to know about their local food, going to museums to understand the art and history of the country, walking on the historical street makes you live that moment and learning native language culture from the locals. Doesn’t that sound interesting?

Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark

These learnings from our travel diaries are not for any kind of stupid exams that we used to have, but to live the history and keep all the memories for a lifetime. Travel learning brings joy to our lives, along with increasing experience and knowledge by exploring. It is the best way to observe things around you and make them work at your own pace. This is all for you and no one else. So live the moment and enjoy it!

Travel will help to build more trust in ourselves

Starting from planning the itinerary until the time we finally reach the destination involves were stepped, including crossing many countries in the transit. Were you able to think about it before? May it be planning or execution, what were your views on the same, prior to your travel?

Once we have thought to do so, travel will make us accomplish it, and it brings more motivation and trust in oneself to reach that goal! We all cross the bumpy roads on the way during the travel, and when the time comes, when quick and creative decisions are being made to execute the entire plan along with crossing the bumpy roads.

Traveling makes you free from all the expectations and responsibilities of others like those you hear and get from so-called ‘society.’ Rather you start planning and thinking about yourself, become more confident and trustworthy to yourself. You owe yourself and no one else.

So cheer up baby, it’s just the trust and confidence within that keeps us going. My travel experience has taught me to trust myself more, and surely good things will follow. And I know that it’s true!

Travel helps us in socializing

Starting with solo travel, socializing also starts here. It is the best way to make yourself more confident and trusting yourself and the strangers since this would be the start of everything, including socializing. It is a normal human tendency: while we travel alone, we try testing the existing relations like friendship. Am I right?

Along with the thoughts of your existing friendships, when you start traveling alone, that moment might also become the start of a new friendship and building some good and polite conversation. Here starts your ‘being social’ thing, and trust me; it’s amazing. Right, starting from this flight journey to having to meet new fellow travelers like you, in the hostel, where they come from different parts of the world, your ‘being social’ things won’t end rather will open you up more and you will eventually know how to proceed with the conversations with strangers!

Copenhagen Denmark

Initially, with few people in the start, you will have a similar type of chats and conversations like: from where they come from, how often they travel, which is their next destination, how long they have been traveling and stuff. Once passing after this phase, you will learn more about the talks that will make you feel connected with other travelers and to know them well. It will eventually come with more experiences. The memories that you will create while socializing and having deep talks, enjoying the night with so-called ‘no more a stranger friend,’ will last forever, and you will always cherish it 🙂

Travel helps in realizing the importance of home and appreciating it

When we are home, it’s normally easy to be in love with high rocky cliffs, birds chirping around the beach, hearing the bells from Buddhist temples, or maybe the music of some English Pub. But while you actually visit these places during your travel, the first comparison you have in your mind is of home. The difference in culture, language, etc., makes you appreciate, at times, your home. Traveling makes you feel the importance of your own culture back there at home, including your local food, local music, and most importantly, the local language, which makes your communication and travel easy.

In Love with Horses

Traveling helps us know the culture we live in and our culture outside of our home. Eventually, you will also realize the importance and gratitude towards the people who actually supported you back there at home, with their overwhelming nature, and you might, at last, consider those relationships as your most valuable treasures.

The home missing feeling you get to understand while enjoying your travel journey in some foreign country and getting to know their community, people, culture, food, language, etc. And you will cherish the memories of your home.

Traveling is something that makes you entirely a new person. It broadens your thinking, perspectives and helps you to dig more within yourselves. It creates a better understanding of the world, its various cultures, the importance of your home and helps you push your limits and overcome your fears.

You start loving humanity and have shared experiences with other fellow travelers. In many cases, travel helps you become the person you have always dreamt of since childhood. Travel builds trust within ourselves and knows us better. It always teaches you something new and helps you to open up and meet people around the globe.

After all, I feel it’s much for fun and worth loving the world, filling our buckets with experiences, making yourself more confident and brave, and being less afraid! Do you agree?


A wandering soul, who is in need of a exciting new adventure everytime. Live being Globetrotter, Foodie, Explorer and share my best stories and experiences with you :) My current status: In a committed relationship with my Passport❤️

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