As a tourist, are you tired of visiting commonplace beaches and lacklustre woods? Are you fond of thrills and adventure? Or are you better off being a serial chiller? Are you snow- baby, who can simply never get enough of winter sports? Or are you a nature lover, eager to experience different facets of nature in one trip? Think no further and head straight to Denmark, one of the most beautiful countries on earth!

Situated in the southernmost tip of the Scandinavian Peninsula, Denmark is a tiny country but packs in a mighty experience to any tourist who’s willing to explore. Whether your heart lies towards beaches or snow-capped mountains, whether your idea of a tour involves losing yourselves in the chaos of the streets, in majestic castles and art or calming silence of the forests, Denmark caters to everyone’s tastes and offers a unique experience to every tourist who visits the country.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive right into the article and discover the best places to visit in Denmark!

Top Places to Visit in Demark for Tourists

#1 Aarhus

Aarhus denmark

Being the second-largest city in Denmark, Aarhus has evolved into one of the coolest destinations of the country. The Aros Aarhus Kunst museum is a must-visit for art aficionados as it houses one of the finest exhibits on contemporary art and Danish modernistic art. One must surely visit the Your Rainbow Panorama, which is a rooftop walkway made of panels that reflect all the 7 colours of the rainbow, making it a visual treat!

Further, one must also visit the Isberget- the building shaped like an iceberg, which is an architectural marvel and pays homage to the city’s modernistic roots. Other notable places include the Dokk1 cultural centre and the Mosegaard museum. Don’t forget to visit the restaurants in this city- which cater to every gourmand and further, pop into a pub or two at night and discover the city’s vibrant nightlife! If you are an architecture and design buff, this city ought to be on your itinerary.

Was it dubbed the ‘Europen Capital of Culture’ without any reason?

#2 Roskilde

Roskilde Denmark

Delve deep into Viking history and get ready to be fascinated by its ancient castles and modern museums! Roskilde is located just 30 kilometres away from Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. Catch a whiff of Norse mythology, Viking palaces and if you are a music lover, visit Roskilde during the Roskilde music festival.

Roskilde music festival, which is Europe’s largest music festival, is an 8- day long extravaganza that begins during the end of June and ends by early July and hosts performances by some of the pest pop stars- the likes of Cardi B and Vampire weekend. And don’t forget to visit the Ship Museum, which houses 5 ancient Viking ships and the Royal Mansion’s Museum of Contemporary Art.

Rock music fans, especially if you are pissed about having missed the annual music festival, visit the Ragnarock museum and delve deep into the history of rock and pop music, while vibing simultaneously to the most recent track.

#3 The Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands Denmark

Situated off the coast of mainland Denmark, the Faroe Islands is one of the best places to visit in Denmark in summer. Catch a flight from Copenhagen or a ferry boat and get ready to soak in the resplendence of nature and creation.

With sun-kissed beaches, towering mountains and scenic vistas, recline on the beach sampling the coastal cuisine, go trekking on the fjord at Saksun, the cliffs of Sorvagsvatn and the Gasadalur waterfall, which empties directly into the Atlantic ocean. Or relax peacefully in the calming beauty of the countryside and experience the joy of relaxed, mindful living.

#4 Copenhagen

Copenhagen Denmark

The capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen is not just a city, it’s a phenomenon, an emotion. It is undoubtedly one of the best places in Denmark to visit. Standing tall over the Baltic Sea, it is the perfect mix of the quaint and the modern.

Enter the alluring Indre By- which is an intricate network of lanes and alleyways, gaze at the Rundetarn tower, and visit the vibrant Tivoli gardens. Also, don’t forget to experience authentic Danish food and hit the chic clubs after dark to experience Copenhagen’s vibrant nightlife. Though one can travel by metro or the bus, the best way to explore Copenhagen is by driving a bicycle.

So grab a bike, lose and find your self in the streets of Copenhagen.

#5 The Danish Riviera

The Danish Riviera

Can’t get enough of Vitamin Sea?

Head straight to this h(e)aven! The Zealand coast of Denmark is dotted by picturesque beaches and swanky resorts. All this, coupled with the legions that throng it every year has led to it being touted as the Danish Riviera. Housing some of the best beaches in Scandinavia, it also comprises of quaint towns like Hillerod and Helsingor, which are full of castles and battlements.

Visit the Hornsbaek and Gilleleje beaches, lie sprawling in their golden sands and bask in the breathtaking beauty of the ocean and the beachfront! Also, don’t forget to sample the regional cuisine, fish out your boots and binoculars and take a sneak peek into the coastal groves of Tisvilde and Gribskov!

#6 Odense

Odense Denmark

What links Thumbelina, The little match girl, The ugly duckling and The emperor’s new clothes with this bustling island town?

Odense is the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen, who was the author of these immortal tales and a lot more. Grab a mug of hot chocolate, recline in one of the literary cafes that dot the cityscape, read one of his fairytales, reminisce and relive your childhood. Or grab a bike and explore the streets of Odense, peeking into monuments and exhibitions honouring Hans Christian Andersen and pay your tribute to one of the greatest storytellers of all time.

With monuments inspired by characters from his fairy tales and the bustling Odense zoo known for its biodiversity, Odense is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in Denmark with kids!

#7 Skagen

Skagen Denmark

Are you a wandering artist, seeking motivation to draw your masterpiece? Or are you a poet, feverishly scouting for that elusive inspiration? Are you a writer, desperately trying to overcome your writer’s block? Or are you a seeker, intent on finding inner, lasting peace through nature? Even if all these might some idealistic or even irrelevant, Skagen is a town that should feature in everyone’s bucket- list.

Visit this town, which is one of the best places to visit in northern Denmark, lose yourself in its scenic beauty and rediscover your soul in its scenic vistas and breathtaking landscape. Finish the piece of art that you have always meant to, ponder over the trivialities of life and the real meaning of your existence, in this town that is famous for inspiring many revelations and painting masterpieces.

#8 Thy National Park

Thy National Park

If all that you want on your trip is to just gaze at and take in the untouched beauty of nature, Thy National Park is, well, thy best choice. It encompasses large tracts of pristine terrain- filled with thick vegetation on one side and scorching sands and barren snowy lands on the other. It remains the best example of the unpredictable nature and breathtaking beauty of the Scandinavian terrain.

Filled with biodiversity in some regions and completely barren and desolate in the others, Thy National Park features a riotous interplay of contrasting landscapes. Do a hike or grab a bike and be awed by the sheer contrast between each region of the park and revel in the beauty of coexistence, albeit in contrast.

#9 Helsingor

Helsingor Denmark

A prominent port city in the Middle Ages, it is located strategically on the narrow extension of mainland Denmark, towards Sweden. Visit this city to have a glimpse of early Danish architecture, cosy and bustling cafes, well planned and well laid ancient cobblestone pathways. However, the chief attraction of this place is the Kronborg castle, which was immortalized in the annals of literature and architecture as the setting of Shakespeare’s masterpiece “Hamlet”.

Visit the castle between June and October, watch the actors perform “Hamlet”, which is still relevant today for its deep insight on the themes of betrayal, love, morality, dilemma and emotional torment. Tour the castle’s gardens, visit the bespoke, ornate rooms of the castle to embark on a journey to the times of yore.

#10 Fredericia

Fredericia Denmark

Military history buffs, we have got you covered! Fredericia is one of the most important places in the history of Denmark because it one of the very first fortified towns that were built in the country as a result of the devastating Thirty Years War. Provided with adequate protection, especially with impregnable fortresses, Fredericia was and is still an important region in terms of Danish internal security, because of its strategic location between the Jutland peninsula and Funen.

However, it’s open for tourists and one can enter and be dazzled by its stunning beachfront, enchanting cityscape that comprises of formidable fortresses, chic cafes and specks of greenery. Further, there are a lot of military monuments with the most notable one being the ‘Foot Soldier’, which stands as solid proof to Fredericia’s strategic importance and undeniable presence in the pages of Denmark’s military history and making it one of the best places to visit in south Denmark.

#11 Aalborg

Aalborg Denmark

Originally an industrial city, Aalborg has transformed from being a grimy, overpopulated city with house clustered too close for comfort, to a city that balances both aesthetics and industrial development. It is in fact, one of the best places to visit in northern Denmark. One of Aalborg’s former electric plants was converted into the NordKraft, a vibrant cultural centre housing music halls, picture galleries, cinema halls, theatres for dramatics and open-air theatres for budding performing artists.

The city also houses the Utzon Center, a defining example of radical architecture which was named after John Utzon, who had designed the iconic Sydney Opera House. Catch the Aalborg Symphony orchestra play at the Musikkens hall, visit the Aalborg tower and sculpture part and end your trip with the mandatory visit to the Aalborg castle!

#12 Billund

Billund Denmark

This tiny, peaceful town set in the centre of the Jutland peninsula has more to offer than its vivid landscape and exotic cuisine. This town is the birthplace of Lego, which is one of the most popular toys to have ever been manufactured.

If you are one of those who don’t know what Lego is, chances are that you have been living under a rock. Lego is a game where one has to assemble all the plastic blocks that come with a Lego ‘kit’ and make buildings out of them. the reason why this game has stood the test of time and is still popular among kids and parents is that it helps one learn how buildings are built, the amount of load each structure can bear and the types of structures that can be built using a combination of these blocks, while letting their imagination and creativity run wild.

Visit the Lego factory and Lego addicts, don’t forget to pop into the Billund Legoland theme park! Even if you aren’t a huge fan of Lego, visit the Billund Legoland theme park and enjoy the rides high on adrenaline- be it the Duplo Land, Polar explorer, the thrilling Dragon coaster and the exciting Vikings River Splash!

#13 Amager Bakke

Amager Bakke Denmark

Shedding its industrial past, Amager Bakke has evolved to become one of the best places to visit in Denmark in winter. Go hiking, skiing, snow- skating, tobogganing, lunge snowballs at each other like silly or sip a nice mug of hot chocolate at the café atop the summit and watch the Northern Lights dance across the horizon. Visit Amager Bakke during winter, especially during December and experience Christmas in authentic, Scandinavian style!

Visit Denmark, get bedazzled and enchanted by its beauty and revel in one of the most exotic travel experiences! Book your tickets, pack your bags, satiate your wanderlust, pamper your inner self in Denmark and escape into and experience the extraordinary!

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