According to the HuffPost article, traveling makes you happy and build love between your traveling partner and groups. Hangouts with friends and family is always a thrilling experience. A camping trip will be much exciting, especially when you are with your folks. Spending the best time in multi-room camping tents will be more appealing. It must be a struggle to get proper sleep in the night, but the time spent in the multi-room camping tents with a group of friends or family will be a life-time memory. The camping in a multi-room tent will give a lot of joy and fun.

Multi-room tents are a perfect fit for the family and friends who would love to spend a night on the hills or the woods. It is ideal to have a thrilling stay for a day or two. Kids too will enjoy the multi-compartment tent the most. Best multi-room camping tents will provide a splendid day in nature. We could enjoy and feel the fresh breeze that flows gently.

Multi-room tents are the best option to stay at peace in the night after enjoying the hangout. The multi room tents are made up of more than one room. The rooms are divided by dividers or even walls. The multi-room tent could also give privacy for the members staying in. The rooms that aren’t occupied could be used to keep the things we need to use.

Multi room camping tents have both advantages and disadvantages. There are a lot of factors that have to be considered while buying a multi-room tent. The options available might confuse us, but we must keep the needs in our mind and choose the best one that suits the camping and the desire of the members in the group.

A cautious choice of multi-room tent considering all the essential factors will make the stay a wonderful one. We must choose the one that would be suitable for the space available in the camping site. These best budget family tent family camping tents work best for a family vacation.

 Advantage of Multi Room Tents 

Multi-room tents have a lot of advantages for us. Here are a few of them.


These large camping tents with rooms are more spacious than the tents with a single room. There is enough space to accommodate our stuff. There would be a lot of free space in the room and we would also have empty rooms if there are fewer members in the group than that the tent can fit. If the number increases, you can always opt for 5 room tents.

Flexible usage

The space in the tent can be used as we desire. We can arrange all the things that are needed for camping as we desire. The members of the group can choose the rooms as per their desire and keep their luggage and other things they have got for camping.

Easy to organize

As the tent has multiple rooms and enough space the things could be organized with ease. We can take them with ease as we have not dumped them in one place as a pile. We can avoid the time that we spend on searching for things. The tent with multiple rooms is easy to organize and manage.


Members need not share the space as there is enough space for the group. Each member gets a separate place to stay and keep the things. The large multi room tents could provide a separate room for each member. When you choose a big multi room tent, a large number of people need not share one single room.

Kids get privacy and safety

The kids in the group can get a separate space in the tent and it is safe. Adults could know if the kids call in the case of an emergency. The dividers separate the rooms, and so the noise can be heard.

 Disadvantage of Multi-Room Tents 

Everything on this earth has certain advantages and few disadvantages. These family camping tents have few problems. Please have a look at the following disadvantages before buying it.

Not suited for windy conditions

Tents can’t sustain windy conditions. Multi-rooms tents can be massive than a normal one, but there is a guaranty that they will sustain the unfair winds. They might get damaged when the winds are so fast.

Setting up can be hard

It would be challenging and hard to set up a multi-room tent. It would be tiring to set it up after a long journey.

Less durable

The cheap ones are less durable. It is not guaranteed that they would sustain all weathers if the cost is less.

Costs a bit more than an average tent

As these tents are heavy and provide more space, they are costlier than the tents that give single room and less space.

Cooking in a tent may be dangerous

Tents are not suitable for cooking. The fire used for cooking might catch up on the tent. We might face difficulties in getting freshly cooked food while staying on the campsite.

5 Best Multi Room Camping Tents for Family & Friends

There are many multi room camping tents available on different websites. They come in different cost, size colors, and materials. These are the 5 best family tents that would give an awesome feel and is a perfect fit for the happy family and groups.

1. Browning Camping Big Horn Tent

Browning Camping Big Horn Tent

The tent has 2 & 5 rooms separated by a divider. Each room has its entry. It can fit 6 to 8 people. It is 15 by 10 foot. It weighs 34.75 pounds. The tent is available in black and orange.

Best Features

  • The tent has poles made of fiberglass and steel upright, which makes the tent stable.
  • It is fully equipped with mesh storage pockets, polyester fly, guy ropes, and steel stakes.
  • There are six large windows, two doorways and a mesh room to provide enough ventilation.
  • The ceilings are high so that we need not crouch.
  • The floor is tough, and it can last for years.

  • The tent is easy to set-up.
  • The fabric of the tent is durable and water repellent.

  • The top screen of the tent may allow a lot of chill breeze during the winters.
  • The durability of the tent pole is a little less.

2. Ozark trail 16 Person Cabin Tent

large family tent for camping

The tent has 4 rooms. It is 23 by 18 feet and can fit a large group. The tent weighs 48 pounds. The available colors are blue and tan.

Best Features

  • This multi-room tent is enormous and has a lot of space to fit all the essential things needed for the camp.
  • It can fit in 4 queen size air mattress.
  • There are 6 windows and a mesh roof.
  • There are 3 doors for easy entry and exit. The room contains E-Port.
  • There are multiple storage options in the tents such as media pocket, gear hammock, and bottle holders.

  • The tent can be set up with ease.
  • Spacious & Comfortable
  • Dividers can be zipped in as per our wish.

  • The tent is not entirely waterproof.
  • It is bulky when packed.
  • We need to find a large campsite that can accommodate the tent.

3. Core 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Core 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent

The tent has three rooms, it works as the best multiple person tents. It has two dividers that could be converted into 3 room tent. It weighs 52.5 pounds. The tent is available in Green and Grey.

Best Features

  • The tent has a large double door on the front and back.
  • The windows have zippers.
  • The fabric of the tent is water-repellent.
  • The tent has a fully taped and a sealed rain-fly.
  • The tent has an electrical cord access port. The port is fully closable when it is not used.

  • The tent is water-resistant.
  • The size is large enough and is perfect for the family.
  • Enough ventilation in the tent.

  • The tent is so huge and weighs a lot when packed.
  • It is less durable.

4. NTK Super Arizona GT 12 Person Tent

NTK Super Arizona GT 12 Person Tent

The tent has 2 rooms, and it can accommodate 10 to 12 people, it is the best tent with multiple rooms. It weighs 32 pounds and is 10 feet*7 feet. It is a premium product from a Brazilian company. The color of the tent is dark teal.

Best Features

  • The dividers are detachable. There are 2 doors and 3 windows with color-coded poles.
  • The floor is enhanced with bathtub style barriers. They keep the moisture away from the floor.
  • The floor is made of heavy-duty anti-fungus seamless polythene. It has a layer coated with silver.
  • The tent has a mosquito mesh which keeps us safe from small insects and mosquitoes.
  • The rainfly is durable and is made of double-layer 190T polyester. It is laminated with polyurethane 2500mm. It is partially made of aluminum.

  • The tent is resistant to water.
  • The design of the floor is splendid and durable.
  • We can be safe from the bites of the mosquitoes.

  • The tent is so heavy.
  • It takes more time to set up the tent as the procedure is challenging.

5. Tahoe Gear Ozark 16 Person 3 Season Cabin Tent

large camping tents with rooms

The tent has 2 rooms and weighs 45 pounds. This multi room camping tent is the perfect one for a large group of friends and family. The Tahoe Gear Ozark comes in orange and white.

Best Features

  • The windows of the tents are large and we could zip up for privacy.
  • The tent has shock-corded poles with a ring system for setup.
  • The rainfly is made of 1200mm polyester. It is suitable for rainy and sunny days.
  • There are guy ropes on each side to secure the tents during the winds.
  • There is one divider in the middle and the rooms are large.

  • The tent has a solar shield and offers enough space.
  • The center is 7 feet in height and it provides comfort.
  • It is resistant to water.

  • The tent is bulky and is difficult to set up.
  • The poles are not labeled well.

Buying Guide to Select Best Extra Large Family Camping Tents

Each of us will differ in need when it comes to buying a multi-room tent for camping. As there are different options available in the market, we must be conscious and wise. With little knowledge, you can invest in the best big multi room tents. Here are a few essential factors that have to be considered while buying.

Check on how much space is needed

The multi-room tents come in various shapes and size. The space requirements differ based on the size of the group. It is the most important thing that has to be considered while buying multiple person tents. The members of the group can have a discussion the space that that would be needed and buy a tent as per their choice. The opinion of all the members has to be considered before purchasing.

Look for the procedure to set up

Setting up a multi-room tent can be challenging. But, we must be wise enough that we don’t choose the one that would take so much effort and hours to set up. We should learn the procedure to set up by reading it before reaching the site. Do not choose a multi room cabin tents that are much complicated to set up.

Check for the cost

We must not pay the cost more than that a tent is worth it. We need to check the various options available to buy. We consider different alternatives and choose the best one.

The chosen one should satisfy all our needs, and the cost should be affordable. The cost of the tent has to be compared to different sites. The comparison of the cost will help us make a wise choice.

Check the durability

None of us like to throw a product that we buy after a single-use. We spend our money to buy what we need, we must be careful enough to check the durability of the product we choose. The tent with multiple rooms differ in size, quality of the material, and the cost. We must not compromise on durability even when the cost is less. It wise to get a durable tent, paying a little higher.

Buy the ones with a warranty

It is so hard to get a tent that would give us a lifetime warranty. The warranty provided differs based on the manufacturers. It is best to choose the one that offers the longest warranty.

The longer the warranty provided, the better the quality of the product. Read the terms and conditions given and check the warranty provided before buying.

Check the material of the tent

The material that the multi-rooms tents are made of varies from one manufacturer to another. There are plenty of options available these days. We must buy a tent which has the best material that is suitable for our needs. It is better to get a multi-room tent that is water-proof.

The water-repellent or synthetic tents are suitable for most of the year. If we want the one that is more traditional like the ones in the movie we can go for the forest green army canvas tent.

Buy the one that suits all the season

It is good to purchase a tent that will suit all the weather conditions. The tents generally suit for 3 seasons or 4 seasons. The difference is in the temperature that the tent can handle.

We might require a tent that would suit all the temperatures if we plan for a camp in the winter. So, look for large multi-room camping tents which works great for 4 seasons. This way, the multi tent suit even when the temperature drops to the freezing point is the best choice. If we do not have a plan for camping in winter, the 3 season tent will be a better choice.

Look at the rating and reviews.

We can make a better choice when we know the experience of those who had purchased the product we need. The experience that other customers have expressed will give as a perfect idea on what and how to choose.

So, it is wise from our part to read the reviews on the internet about the multi-room tents before making the purchase. It is always good to choose the one which has the best reviews.

Concluding the Findings & Thoughts…

Multiple room tent gives us a good and peaceful stay. These best family camping tents are available in most of the leading E-commerce websites that include Amazon & eBay.

We can explore a lot of multi-room family camping tents options and choose the best and affordable one. We must choose the tent according to our needs and the weather of the place where we want to camp with the group. To give your camping great support and good food check out the 20 Best Wood Burning Backpacking Stoves.

The large camping tents with rooms will make the holiday a splendid one and memorable. They are the best choice for a luxurious and spacious camping trip. The stay in the tent will make the hangout a special one. We could enjoy the beauty of nature and feel the fresh breeze and hear the chirp of the birds when we stay in the tents.

We would appreciate the space tent with multiple rooms provides for having the privacy and the fun with the group. It can accommodate nearly any group. The stay in the multi-room tent will be a unique experience and it wouldn’t be anything less than awesome. The large group of family or friends can enjoy the campfire set up outside the tent and warm themselves.


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