Less Crowded Beaches To Visit In Denmark

During Summers

Denmark is a Nordic country in the Northern belt of Europe, which was once the homeland for the vicious and violent tribes with Viking blood in them. However, those are the well back in the ancient past and currently the Kingdom of Denmark is one the exotic and scenic places to visit among the small group of Scandinavian countries where each country has its special flavour and beauty.

Copenhagen is both Denmark’s largest city that attracts the maximum number of tourists during summer and also the capital city with a certain political and economical significance.

The native inhabitants of Denmark are known as Danes and Danes are statistically reported to live a high standard of life. Hereby Denmark is placed quite high in the long list of countries in the world to be one of the most economically and socially developed countries with exceptional national performance in the sectors of health care, knowledge, LGBT equality, human development and overall prosperity.

Speaking from the perspective of tourism and travel, Denmark is one of the Scandinavian countries to enjoy a rich flow of tourists every year. And the Danes definitely know how to welcome their guests in the country.

Denmark shines the brightest when it comes to its natural beauty and elegance and most of this is because of the presence of lovely Danish beaches. Denmark is blessed with the possession of superior quality beaches, which excel both in scenic beauty and tourist friendliness. Here are some of the less crowded beaches in Denmark to visit whilst you are trying to escape the heat of the summers.

10 Less Crowded Beaches of Denmark to Enjoy Your Summers


Søndervig Beach in Denmark

Søndervig Beach located in the peninsula of Jutland is one the finest pick that combines your criterion of comparatively fewer crowds yet handsome marks on the overall beauty paper.

Søndervig Beach was voted as Denmark’s best and most popular beach in the year 2014 and it has lived up to that laureate ever since. It is one of the best places to visit during one’s summer holidays. Placed comfortably in the western side of Jutland, the beach harbours the wonderful scenic scape of long stretches of sandy pathways bordered by the occasional presence of a sand dune.

The beach is easily accessible and convenient for baby carriages and wheelchairs and has a number of lifeguards on the lookout all day long from the seasonal months of June to August.


RØMØ BEACH in Denamrk

Rømø Beach is a small but compact beach that is quite favoured by the local inhabitants and also forms a known but slightly less visited beach by the summer tourists of Denmark. Located on the island of Rømø, the Rømø Beach is surrounded by the waters of the Wadden sea.

The Rømø Island located on the west side of the country is famed with the feature of some of the best coastal sides of Denmark and the largest sandy beach in the Northern side of Europe. Despite its limited size, Rømø Beach plays host to a diverse range of outdoor activities that are supported by the Beach’s variant landscapes.

One could have the time of their lives by maybe going for windsurfing and kitesurfing in the northern part or horse-riding ion the nearby woods or even sailing in the southern part of the region. However, the champion out of all these is the unique Oyster Safari at the Wadden Sea National Park.


PALM BEACH in Denmark

Palm Beach is one of the most exotic coastal locations in the Scandinavian coastal regions of the Kingdom of Denmark. This must-visit oasis is located in the northern side of Denmark and is a treat for the eyes due to its picturesque landscape and a treat for your soul as it offers a wide range of on-beach activities for the tourists.

Every year quite religiously 70 Palm trees are imported from the depths of the Canary Island and laid out on this 400 metres sandy stretch in Frederikshavn. Thus from the initial months of June to the late days of September, the beach is fashioned with a jolly tropical landscape that appeals to all.

Also known as the Palmestranden, the beach is an extremely child one friendly with the presence of parasols and loungers. There are also beach volley courts and barbecue areas among other outdoor facilities that are open to everyone throughout the day.



Blåvand Beach is one of the largest beaches in the long list of wonderful Danish Beaches that are popular and tourist-friendly. The beach stretches for a whopping 40 kilometres on the western part of Denmark’s coastal region. The Blåvand Beach overlooks the North Sea’s lucid and scenic waters that are seen by the naked eye as far as its horizon.

The beach also has a topographical feature of sand dunes that makes the place the perfect one to visit during the summers. The thing with the Blåvand Beach is that even though it is hugely popular, due to its large size the beach always seems like it is sparsely populated even during the packed summer season.

The Hvidbjerg Strand Camping and Resort is the go-to place for almost every family as everyone heads out to have a let off some steam during the Scandinavian summer.



Rageleje Beach is one of the most popular and most visited beaches in Copenhagen. It is a major tourist destination in Denmark and is probably the best beach in the Copenhagen area. Again even though the beach attracts chunks of tourists every year who come to Copenhagen to relish a fantastic summer experience; the beach again has relatively empty spots, which is due to the large size of the sandy Copenhagen terrain.

The beach is lined with the quintessential sights of a series of palm trees and foamy oceanic waves. The area has been transformed into a resort quite recently and thus it hosts a large number of tourists who are basking in the peaceful tunes of the Scandinavian summer season. There are a number of Holiday homes as well that are lent to tourists on rent.

The beach at Rageleje is also very child friendly and is the perfect place to visit as you lose the track of time reminiscing nostalgic moments under the palm tree shades and amidst the fragrant sea breeze.


Copenhagen Beach is the appropriate place to go if you want a calm and peaceful time with your family without the congested hurdles of noisy tourists or extravagant beach activities.

It actually differs from person to person whether they like the pastoral calm or the lucrative travel filled with traditional activities. Well if you have got a taste for the former, the crystal clear azure waters with the methodical formation of swift waves at the Copenhagen Beach is perfect for you. It might not be the ideal touristy destination but it is certainly a lovely and quiet escape from the daily hubbubs of life.

The southern parts of the beach are ideal for the purpose of family bonding in the form of group picnics with some wonderful picnic spots by the seashore. The beach is mostly the go-to place for the local youth for a quick dive in among the waves and a little summer party on the shore. The waters are perfect for swimming under the Denmark sun as you get to have a calm and quaint but wholesome seaside experience.



Hornbæk Strand at the lively and lucrative city in the northern part of North Zealand is the most visited and the largest beach of the province. Adorned with a deep blue sky and horizon line, it’s one of the best beaches to visit if one is trying to escape the generic touristy crowds of the comparatively popular beaches of the Scandinavian country of Denmark.

The water at the Hornbæk Beach is a darker shade of blue and is very aesthetically pleasing to look at while basking in that typical summer heat of the Scandinavian countries. The beach area is equipped with several leisure facilities, namely restaurants, cafes, barbecue areas and a playground for the kids to play their hearts out. The celebrations of the Midsummer’s Day from the 24th of June are quite vivid in this area. The beach remains under the usual watchful eyes of the lifeguards up till the middle of August.



The Blokhus Beach is one of Denmark’s favourite destinations for the summer and is a prized escape among the local inhabitants. The beach is located in the Jamerbugten or as more popularly known as Bay Denmark is one the finest travel destinations if you are on the lookout for some lovely exploration of dense forests and long stretches of sandy beaches adorned with sculptures of scattered sand dunes here and there. It is the ideal location for windsurfers given the adaptable weather conditions that promote a whole lot of water sports in that area.

There are also a number of events that are hosted in this region, which includes the very famous Kite festival that is held every year. Located at about a two hours drive from Skagen and about 36 kilometres away from Aalborg, The Blokhus Beach is the perfect destination if you want to spend your holidays amidst nature’s raw beauty. The beach is the best place to start your exploration of Jutland’s hidden nooks and corners.



Nordstranden located at an approximate two hours drive from the capital city of Copenhagen and situated really close to Odense, the beach is a wonderful escape and a holiday destination that should be visited in order to get the natural flavour of a breezy seaside.

Nordstranden is situated in the town of Kerteminde on the island of Fyn and is easily accessible for a weekend summer trip or a short one to two days stop on a tourist itinerary. The beach is majorly known for its shallow yet poignant waters that cater directly to a major part of the population on a trip to the beach.

The Nordstranden Beach had been awarded the Blue Flag and is perfect for families on holidays with their kids. There is an abundance of leisure facilities available including a beach volleyball court, a bathing jetty, a handball pitch and a kiosk serving various refreshing beverages to the people on the beach.



Longstrup Beach located in the northwestern part of the Scandinavian country is known especially for its elegant beauty and gorgeous scenes straight out of a painting. The calm waters balanced with the soft light of the evening sky is guaranteed to touch every corner of your heart. If you are visiting the place with your kids, you can take them around for jolly splash time.

The Longstrup Beach is the ideal relaxing place if you are looking to spend some quality time within the natural ambience of Danish diversity. The beach is also famous for its artistic provisions, which make it a popular region for jewel makers, glass blowers and other different kinds of craftsmen. It is one of the best beaches in Denmark for a quaint long walk along the tranquil sea line and the numbing sound of the crashing waves.