The idea of visiting Denmark would often remind visitors of the ancient history associated with this Scandinavian country. The history of Denmark is replete with great stories of the infamous Vikings who were once believed to inhabit this territory. Widely known for the Norse Gods and Goddesses from their culture, the Vikings were infamous brutal warriors known for their conquests from the past.

However, Denmark has a lot more to offer to its tourists than just its mythology. Geographically speaking, Denmark is not very rich with flora and fauna like Central Africa or the Himalayas from the East; but the spatial islands surrounding the territory of Denmark are a sure sight of pleasure for many. Let’s spin through some of the interesting tourist islands of Denmark that one would not want to miss this year!

Best Danish Islands That You Can Visit Immediately

#1 The Als Island of Denmark

The Als Island of Denmark

Known by an infamous tragic love story of a young girl from the novel ‘Tine’, the Al’s Island is often remembered by the events from the Prussian War. It has a rich culture of archaeological sites that trace inhabitance of the Island from the Stone Age. The rich culture of this place has been preserved in two castles, namely, Sønderborg Castle and Augustenborg Castle. The Sønderborg Castle, once owned by the dukes of that region, has now been turned into a museum. Alongside this, the Augustenborg Castle has been converted into a charitable hospital for the community people. Its church and the buildings along with the remnants from the past preserved is a sight of exploration into its rich past.

#2 Saltholm Island

Saltholm Island

An exquisite attraction of Saltholm Island is the ‘one-man’ living there. This island is rich in flora with the ‘blue Iris’ flower being the speciality of this place. Besides its flora, the grassy scenery of this entire one-man island is spread with acres of cattle and sheep rearing farms. The sight of a beautiful coloured ‘Eider Ducks’ is like an icing on the cake. A tour of this place would give a countryside feeling to those who have never seen one or those who love them. Considering its environment being habituated by just one man and almost no industries set up, the land is a pollution-free zone for people to enjoy a healthy vacation in 2020.

#3 Fur: Enchanted as the Beautiful Island

The Fur Island

Considered as the most beautiful island by many Danish people in 2010, Fur is enriched with steep-layered coast which makes hiking for many an adventurous sport there. The view becomes more eye-catching for those who love beautiful sunsets with golden light shimmering over the beaches’ sand.

Travelling would be fun for many as different means of conveyance have been arranged for tourists; including personal ferries such as cars, public transportations like trains or maybe even buses that run on a timely schedule. A nearby Brewhouse is a calming place where tourists can relax over some amazing beer, food, and interesting conversations. Lodging facilities like camp-side restaurants are once-in-a-lifetime worth spending at a place located just 500 kilometres from the coastline of such exquisite sites.

    #4 Amager Island

Amager Island

‘Climate Change’- a phrase that mostly gets associated with many Scandinavian countries can be starkly observed being protested for its preservation in Denmark. Wind Mills, a reusable form of energy generation can widely be marked in Amager Island. Tourists visiting this place can have a look at how fascinating are the efforts of the locals in trying to be energy-efficient in these regions. Its partial connectivity with the capital city of Copenhagen and the Largest Island- Zealand, facilitates easy commutability of tourists.

  • The beautiful greenery landscapes with restaurants built on it is a sure-sight visit for nature lovers.
  • The water theme park is an interesting place to try sports like swimming, skating, and many more for fun and relaxation.
  • The manmade park is an alluring sight for people to view the creativity of its residents.
  • The astounding architectural buildings of this Island which provide a tour to see the wildlife marine creatures is just another of its tourist attraction sites.

#5 Funen Island

Funen Island

What’s fascinating about the Funen Island is the culmination of variant cultures that one gets to experience over cuisines available here. Although it is an agrarian island, the surrounding has a pensive touch with a feeling of serenity. For those who desire to have a nightlife with extravagant cuisines must visit this small island with hidden treasures waiting to be cherished by tourists.

#6 Zealand Island

Zealand Island

It is the largest island of Denmark. It is nested with two other Scandinavian countries- Sweden and Norway. This island has small villages marked around its north, west, and south of its territory. Besides the great castles that inhabit this island and the overwhelming camping adventures that it has to offer, there are historical wonders to be explored by tourists here. The stories of the great Viking leaders of Denmark have their origin in this place. The treasuries of the Vikings can be found here along with the historic Danish Riviera and many other natural wonders.  It is a land of fascinating features.

#7 Bornholm Island

Bornholm Island

Bornholm is a Danish island that is strategically surrounded by Germany, Sweden, and Poland at its borders. Although it is not a tropical country, the weather is fairly tropical for most of the year, making the climate warm for the people. Hence, it is called the ‘Sunshine Island’ too.

Most of it is hilly with rolling stones, which is best for tourist hiking activities. Most of the activities surrounding this area include dairy-related work, artistic and craftsman work, and beautiful pottery making. The Island is occupied by beautiful tall pine and deciduous trees below the hilly regions. This makes it an attractive spot for people wanting to camp in the forest along with friends or families.

The Presence of the Baltic Sea around the Island is an X factor, i.e. people who love beaches or want to go on an adventurous spree must pay a visit to this beautiful scenery.

#8 A Land of Apples: Fejø

A Land of Apples: Fejø

The Island of Fejø has somewhat around 600 plus residents. The eye-catching feature of this island is the apple trees found abundantly here. The countryside feels would be because they still have a friendly neighbourhood with thatched houses across the roads. It is mostly a village with greenery around and a sedentary lifestyle among its residents, who are mostly engaged in cultivation activities and production of renewable energy for consumption purposes.

#9 The Adventurous Island of Femø

Femo Island

It is not very often that we find a place as big as an island exclusively meant for women. Surprisingly, the Island of Femø in Denmark prides itself on being the hotspot for women gathering. Usually, it is the nearby Scandinavian women who pay a visit to this play throughout the year. However, due to international events being organized on an annual basis, this island has witnessed visits from international women as well.

This camping site is full of adventure for women all-round the year. It encourages the gathering of homosexual genders among women including transgender too. The objective is to allow women and every gender yet another free place to fully enjoy their rights.

So, for any woman or person from any category wishing to visit this Island and witness its extravagant culture, it’d a trip full of experiences!

#10 The Greenery of Samsø Island in Denmark

Samsø Island

A 100% fully efficient renewable energy producer and consumer, Samsø is the greenery island of Denmark. For more than a decade now, this island has been running fully on renewable sources of energy. The proportion of its renewable energy production exceeds the consumption rate of its residents. One of the best places for tourists who wish to enjoy their vacation at a calm and serene place, surrounded by beautiful artefacts from history.

There are several touristic activities like resting alongside beaches, fishing in the summer, visiting divine churches like Nordby Church. The ancient village bell tower still stands erect with the bell ringing at sunrise and sunset, considering the longevity of the distance between the church and the households.

The entire island is filled with greenery and is one of the best places to visit for the tourists, to spend some time away from the urban chaos.

#11 Læsø: The Mythical Place of Norse Gods

Læsø Island

For people who wish to discover the ancient practices and culture of Norse Gods’ worship, and for those who still worship the Norse Gods- the Læsø is the right place for them. It is located in Kattegat. On several occasions in the Norse mythology, this place has been mentioned as a dwelling of Norse Gods. Other touristic places of this island include beautiful long sea beaches and roofs covered with alluring seaweeds.

Interestingly, the Island has been segregated into two-halves to protect and preserve two species of bees- the normal bees and the brown bees; both of which are used for making honey. This is a peculiar characteristic of this island.

#12 Anholt Island, Denmark

Anholt Island

An island inhabited by a couple of hundreds of residents, Anholt Island is compressed with a bag full of scientific historical facts for its tourists. The eastern part of the island has been completely protected by the governmental authorities because of its topographical significance, while the western side of the hill has been occupied by the residents. It has been founded that since the land has never been ploughed before, traces can be found dating back to more than ten thousand years to the ice age era.

There is an offshore windmill farm, indicating the indigenous efforts of the authorities and locals contributing to the use of energy-efficient technologies. Besides the interesting scientific and historical facts dating back to the ice age and Vikings era, there are other tourists’ spots for vacationing like riverboats and yachts for sailing, tourist fairs, and sports events being organized.

#13 Vejrø

Vejrø Island

This island is a little different from the rest of the islands of Denmark considering its accessibility and affordability factors. If one can afford to go by plane or ship, they can spend their vacation in leisure and calmness.

To ensure that the serene lifestyle of the neighbourhood is not disturbed, there is no presence of any public vehicles for commutation purposes. For anyone who wishes to spend a stress-free life, away from the busy schedule, then this is the best place to invest in for vacation.

Final Words

What’s fascinating about the Islands of Denmark for tourists to visit is the hidden treasury with bountiful experiences that needs to be cherished. There are thousands of cultures inhabiting various corners of this world. It is almost every man’s curiosity to explore the hidden or unidentified traditions from around the world. These cultures that mostly remain unexplored either due to lack of awareness or non-availability of conveyances have a lot to offer to us.

With the world having globalized and communication getting stronger with each other, we must encourage tourists to explore sites that are rich with information. Often it happens that amidst the lack of awareness of significance or presence of such mind-boggling features, people remain detached from what these cultures and nature have to offer us.

The culmination of energy-efficient technologies being developed, preservation of rich culture and traditions from the past, and facilities to explore and appreciate the nature, can all be found in the Islands inhabiting nearby Denmark. Ecologically speaking, the rate of pollution in Denmark, like most other Scandinavian countries, is negligible. This is owing to the rapid transformation from non-renewable to renewable resources. The lifestyle around the inhabited islands of Denmark mostly gives a spark to the countryside. The richness of their culture is something to be explored more by tourists.

The best way to get away from the hustle-bustle of daily life is to take a trip to one of these exquisite islands of Denmark; not just to know about their rich culture, but also to learn how life has adapted to an ecological way of living in the 21st Century.


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