What according to you are the most adventurous and exciting hiking places? Are you in favor of some small treks or something really interesting and daring cliffs? If you are with me, and love to explore the highest of treks, with the most beautiful views from the top, then you will be experiencing varieties of whether in a single day! Yes, you heard right, there will be a day when you will see, sun, rain, snow everything in a day. Don’t you feel it’s cool, isn’t it?

When you face the cold you will definitely be in need of a stove which will help in surviving in the coldest of climates. Also, the burning stove will be helpful for cooking food and boiling water, which are again one of the most important needs to survive. In all, you will in search of warmth and heat to withstand yourself in cold and during the trek. Stoves, which are used, vary from the material used for burning it. There are stoves which use wither some liquid or alcohol to produce heat. Whereas, we also get the stoves in the market which are ignited by woods.

So here we are, to help you with the best of all the available wood-burning stove, used in the camps and during the trek for multipurpose. This is not yet over. Yes, we will also share with you the true reviews of the product, that is, best wood burning stoves, along with the extra small accessories that can be helpful in some situations during the hike. So, the overall idea is to help you get the best wood burning stove available, out of many, so that you don’t get perplexed while buying the one!

20 Best Backpacking Wood Stoves Review

No matter, if you are going with your very special person, or with your cool large gang or with beloved family members or you are a daring backpacker. We are here to let you know the reviews of the best of 20 wood-burning stoves used for the camps. The stoves are available in smaller as well as large size, depending on which one you would like to buy that is, how many people accompany you over the trek.

1. Ohuhu Camping Stove

Ohuhu Camping Stove

The main thing we look into any product while hiking would be the size and weight, isn’t it? One of the plus points of this Ohuhu Stove, which makes it win, is the compactness of the stove which is the main factor during Camping. This wood burner Ohuhu Stove is of very less weight and easy to carry in your backpack. Stove even has its separate mesh carry bag, which makes it is easy to carry on hikes.

Are you thinking about setting it up and how much time it will take for that? Don’t worry at all! It is quite easy to set up and has solid legs for proper support. So you don’t have to worry about even or uneven surface. You just need some wood or leaves for burning up and here you go, enjoying the warmth of the heat. But just take care, that the item you use for burning is strong enough to cope with the breeze and thus does not fly away. The Ohuhu Camping Stove is made out of steel, which makes it strong enough.

  • Easy configuration and setup
  • Solid Stainless steel material
  • Three leg support for stability
  • Mesh tray included
  • Lightweight and compact to carry

  • Ash generates quickly
  • Fuel used much

2. Lixada Camping Stove

lixada Camping Stove

Lixada Camping Stove has features like the material with which it is made, that is, hardened stainless steel. It is very compact and rough and tough to use. It is easy to carry the Lixada Camping Stove in your backpack and it perfectly fits in it.

It is designed in such a way that it provides ease in adding and burning woods and allows adding the wood even while burning. It can even use small twigs to burn and thus no worries for you to carry fuel everywhere. It is stiff and thus helps the stove to stand steadily on uneven surfaces too. Moreover, the Lixada Camping Stove has the feature of folding it and keeping it in a reusable bag, which comes along and thus making it very easy to carry while hiking.

  • Rough and tough use
  • Reusable Pouch to carry
  • Foldable and thus easy to handle
  • Free Open design
  • Easy to setup

  • Small parts can be misplaced early
  • Metal does not remain the same after use

3. Canway Camping Stove

Canway Camping Stove

The Canway Camping Stove is definitely ideal for camping, hiking and also for backpacking. It is one of the best stoves in terms of its sturdy and steady behavior. Three-legged canway camping stove, will not let you down on the jerky and uneven surface. It will perfectly stand. It is also a foldable stove and thus gives you comfort to carry it with you, no matter where you go. Its design in such a way, that the pot fits in it perfectly and thus pretty safe. It is of small size which is sufficient for solo travelers or for a couple. This is because its surface has the space for a small pot. Canway Camping Stove has one of the nicest thermal efficiencies which keeps it burning at least for 20 minutes, due to its secondary combustion. Canway Stove is easy to carry during the hike because of the storage bag that comes along with it.

  • Good quality material
  • Steady and hard-wearing
  • Foldable
  • Very lightweight
  • Thermal efficiency

  • Only good for solo travelers
  • Takes time to heat

4. Solo Stove Campfire

Solo Stove Campfire

You must be wondering, why two stoves are mentioned together, haven’t you? It is because these two stoves, Solo Stove Campfire, and Solo Stove Titan, both are similar and is manufactured by the same manufacturer. So why to take your more effort and time 🙂 These two stoves have the same features, with the only difference in size. The former one is best suitable for less number of people, like max till four people and the later one is for larger groups like more than four folks. Solo Stove Campfire and Solo Stove Titan are known for their innovative design and are thus awarded. The stoves have two wall feature which helps to reduce the smoke that has been released and also helps in creating secondary combustion. These stoves are considered as one of the best wood-burning stoves because of its speed of cooking food and boiling water. As per the manufacturers, the water gets boiled in around four minutes and thus the best performance.

  • Good performance in cooking
  • Release less smoke
  • Availability of different size
  • Pretty compact and easy to carry

  • Comparatively higher cost
  • Cleaning is tough

5. Emberlit Stainless Steel Stove

Emberlit Stainless Steel Stove

Can you just guess the weight of this Emberlit Stainless Steel Stove? You will be shocked that it weighs only 11.45 ounces. Isn’t it amazing and too lightweight? It can get flatten and thus easy to carry it in the bag during the hike. You will love its design, since when opened, it looks like a castle design from the top, along with the criss-cross shape to hold the pot and pan properly. Its lower design is also well designed in a way that one side is open from bottom to make it ease for inserting woods, twings leaves for burning and the other three sides are packed along with small holes for the purpose of ventilation and letting your fire keep burning. It is capable of boiling the water in a minimum of 10 minutes time.

  • Comparatively very less weight
  • Designed well to keep the fire burning
  • Very Compact
  • Easy to setup
  • Good capacity to heat water

  • Quite Small Opening
  • Comparatively slower in cooking

6. Kampmate Woodflame Camping Stove

Kampmate Woodflame Camping Stove

The Kampmate wood burning stove is made out of stainless steel which makes it more long-lasting and durable. It is of very convenient size and best suitable during the hike. It can be kept in the bag after folding and thus flattening, which makes it easy to carry along. It is very rigid, powerful and solid which helps the wood-burning stove to stand on uneven surfaces. The criss-cross metal section on the top of the portable Kampmate wood-burning stove helps to hold the pan or utensils properly and does not allow to fall. Though it is a wood-burning stove, to add a cherry on the top, other kinds of biomass forms like charcoal, fuel, tablets can also be used for burning.

Coming on the weight of this wooden stove, you will be delighted to know that it doesn’t weigh over one pound, which is really light and thus hassle-free for you, isn’t it?

  • Cross Metal Top to hold the pan
  • Proper ventilation
  • Stable and Rigid
  • Pretty Lightweight and compact
  • Foldable

  • Comparatively tough to setup
  • Material is a little thin.

7. Biolite Basecamp Wood Burning Stove System

Biolite Basecamp Wood Burning Stove System

This Biolite Basecamp wood burning stove is different from the other stoves we have mentioned. It is capable of converting the heat into electricity, which in turn can be used later. Yes, you heard it correct. This is something new, and useful. Since it can store the heat in a battery of Lithium-ion, which can be used at a later point to cook without even the fire. There is another bigger use of this stored heat. It can be used to charge your smartphones. Isn’t it amazing and then you will able to use your phone in case of emergency. Uhhh, sounds really interesting! Do you want to know more about its great features? This Biolite Basecamp wood burning stove will allow you to cook eight burgers at a time on its grilling mesh on the top of the stove. Yooo.. you are set for the delicious food then, aren’t you? Another cool feature is that the tray which collects the ash and leftovers is removable and the wood-burning stove can be cleaned in a proper manner.

  • Coverts and stores heat
  • Can be used for multipurpose
  • Larger grilling mesh
  • Button to use the stored energy
  • Easy cleaning by removing the ashtray

  • Heavy, which weighs around 8 pounds
  • Connecting spots visible done with the help of a welding

8. Unigear Wood Burning Camp Stove

Unigear Wood Burning Camp Stove

The Unigear Wood Burning Camp Stove comes with a new design which is similar to the structure of a book and not like other stoves which are more of cylindrical or square-shaped. A book like the shape of this unigear wood burning stove makes it more stable to withstand on any surface with equal support. The material used in the making of this wood burning stove is Stainless Steel, which makes it more durable, rigid and for rough use. The stove is good for any normal size of the pan, since it sufficiently open from the top. The stove has a removable ashtray, which helps in deeper cleaning with ease. The burning materials used in this burning stove for fire are wood, pinecones, coal, etc. Don’t get confused with one of its special features, that is, to make it useful from any of the sides, upside down. The stove is really easy to install and follows the only a couple of steps.

  • Various burning fuel options
  • Deeper cleaning due to a removable ashtray
  • Very easy setup
  • Larger top surface

  • Takes time to cook, because of open surface
  • Pretty thin metal

9. Vinida Camping Stove

Vinida Camping Stove

This is a very small stove and has four foldable parts which make it easy to carry it in the backpack and travel. This Vinida Wood Burning Camp Stove is very lightweight and doesn’t take the big room in the bag. It weighs only nine ounces. Because of its small surface at the top, it quickly boils the water in around seven minutes. The stove comes with a sack of nylon and thus makes it easy to handle and pack. It is a good option to consider in stoves while going on camping since it is very efficient and does not emit much smoke while burning. Once you make this stove ready with its parts, it is able to withstand the wind and thus making it useful for all the seasons.

Here is the quick video tutorial on how to install Vinida Camping Stove, for other products the installation may differ.

  • Very lightweight
  • Boils water within very less time
  • Compact
  • Nylon stuff sack for packing
  • Emits less smoke

  • Difficult to setup since no instructions are provided
    Not good for larger groups

10. Nulipam Camping Wood Stove

Nulipam Camping Wood Stove

This Wood burning stove comes under the category of the stoves which emits the least amount of smoke. Nulipam Camping Wood Stove is of the cylindrical shape and allows natural fuel to be used for burning. The wooden stove has multiple holes which allow the proper ventilation. Woahh, here we come with one of the extra gifts for you. Yes, this stove comes with two pots which can be used for burning and totally flexible handle which are specially designed to use with this Nulipam Camping Wood Stove. Don’t you worry at all, the pots don’t make the storge tough. It can be attached to the stove and thus can be easily folded and packed. The bag is given along with the stove and other accessories. The pots are non-sticky and are capable of boiling the water on the stove within 5 minutes. Isn’t it amazing and quick? So you are good to go on camping without even carrying your own pans and pots, rather this Nuplipam Camping Wood Stove will provide you:).

  • Nonsticky Pots are included in the set
  • Quick for boiling water
  • Less emission of smoke
  • Good price value

  • Pot handles sometimes gets burn and affected
  • Marks of burning remains

11. Uberleben Stocker Flatpack Stove

Uberleben Stocker Flatpack Stove

Just like the name suggests, this Uberleben Stocker Flatpack Stove is easy to store and pack because of its flattened design. Thus it doesn’t take much space to fit in your backpack. It is considered as one of the best backpacker’s wood-burning stoves because of its design and weight, i.e., it weighs only 14.5 ounces. Don’t you think it’s really light and this wood burning stove named Uberleben, can accompany you on your hike or trek? Don’t think just take 😉 Your friend definitely going to be long-lasting, as it is made up of high-quality steel and thus capable of bearing rough use, and highly sturdy. It has a setup which makes use of five panels to become the complete version. You will be able to dismantle (deconstruct) the stove when not in use and pack it in canvas sleeves provided along with the wood-burning stove.

  • Flatten design
  • Easy to setup
  • Flimsy
  • Long-Lasting Steel material

  • Twisted easily
  • Instructions for setup not provided

12. Toaks Titanium Backpacking Wood Burning Stove

Toaks Titanium Backpacking Wood Burning Stove

If you wish to take very small wood burning stove which weighs only 5.4 ounces and takes very little room in your backpack, then Toaks Titanium Wood Burning stove would be the best. It is mainly designed for this purpose. The setup of the stove is utterly simple since it has just three parts and stacked within one another for the good packing experience. The best idea to find twigs are on the way to your trek and use it for burning in this stove for the sake of boiling water. Sounds great, right? Thus, this makes this stove very much useful and totally acceptable for outdoor activities.

  • Super easy setup
  • Very Compact
  • Designed for backpackers
  • Light to carry

  • Takes a longer time to cook
  • Emits a large amount of smoke

13. Soleader Backpacking Wood Stove

Soleader Backpacking Wood Stove

The chemical action of gas that takes place while burning, is very clear and clean due to the double-wall protection, which helps in the secondary combustion. This clearly indicates and symbolizes less emission of smoke. The structure of this Soleader Backpacking Wood burning stove is designed in such a way that it provides equal heating on all sides and also has a hole, which allows putting natural fuel into the woods to keep the fire alive. It has four arms which can tightly hold any small pots, pans, etc. The material used in its making can be used for rough and tough use and can withstand the temperatures. This wood-burning stove weighs approx 18 ounces and can be easily packed in the bag provided with it.

  • Less smoke generated
  • Protection of double walls
  • Heats equally
  • Four arms to hold the utensils tightly

  • Difficulty on uneven surface to stand
  • Oxidize after use

14. Firebox Bushcraft Camp Stove Kit

Firebox Bushcraft Camp Stove Kit

If you are looking for something new and different and the stove burning stove which can be used for multipurpose, then you should definitely go for Firebox Bushcraft Camp Stove. This wood-burning stove gives you the flexibility to adjust itself in any way that you prefer. As mentioned in the name itself, it is a complete kit which actually includes a number of accessories along with it. The accessories include things like ash pan which is removable, along with a couple of firesticks. This Firebox Bushcraft stove is much more efficient and can boil approximately two cups of water in 2.5 minutes. And guess what, it can do this cooking at pretty high speed with no emission of smoke. Isn’t it great and safe? One of the other important features of this wood burning stove is its fuel delivery feature. Something new for you? Don’t worry, I am here to explain to you :).

This feature actually helps you to set the angle and strength of the burning flame. The material used in the making of this stove is something very much durable and long-lasting, and comparatively thicker. Since this stove comes with a kit, as mentioned, it is a bit heavier and thus not much suitable for backpackers.

  • Multipurpose stove
  • Comes with many accessories
  • No Emission of Smoke
  • Fuel delivery Feature
  • Easy to setup and use

  • Heavy for the backpackers
  • Sometimes the accessories get corrode easily

15. Eleloveph Wood Burning Portable Camping Stove

Eleloveph Wood Burning Portable Camping Stove

Are you looking for something cheaper, say you will be getting a wood burning backpacking stoves under $20? Though even at less rates, there is no compromise in the quality of this Eleleveph Wood Burning Stove. It is compact and Portable and thus very much useful for the backpackers. It is also made out of high-quality steel and is capable of bearing high temperatures.

Very less space is needed for this wood burning stove to carry in your backpack. The upper surface is designed in such a way that it can hold small utensils like small pan or cup with its three armed structure. You can pack and carry this stove in the storage bag provided. Also, you don’t have to worry about the setup since every instruction about is mentioned in the manual provided along with the stove.

  • Lower price
  • No compromise in quality
  • Easy to carry and lightweight
  • Holds the small pan tightly

  • Some lose fittings between the upper and lower parts
  • No demountable pan

16. Tomshoo Camping Stove

Though we are talking about the wood-burning stove, this stove provides some extra feature. It provides the functionality to remove the alcohol tray so that even the solid alcohol fuel can be used for burning. It comes with the cross-section stainless steel on the surface top which helps in holding and balancing the cup or pot for cooking. Can I tell you one secret thing which you will love if you are looking for some good food! This wood burning stove comes with BBQ grill net. Yoho… now you can enjoy some grilled food with good trekking 😉 The size of the stove is quite small which is around 5.4 inches of height, and is of course foldable. Thus it can be easily packed in a bag and used for hiking. It is also made with protection of double wall and thus heats very nicely without producing much smoke.

  • Flexible and Compact
  • Comes with BBQ grill net
  • Additional feature of alcohol tray
  • Less smoke produced

  • Little heavy
  • Uses much fuel and needs a refill

17. Ouspots Portable Camping Stove

Ouspots Portable Camping Stove

One of the smallest portable wood-burning stoves is Ouspots Camping Stove which is not more than four inches of height 2.5 inches of width. Thus this stove is best suitable for solo travelers and not worth for family or large group trips. The Ouspots Woodburning stove will hardly take any space in your backpack since it can be folded and kept. It is designed with three arms to hold the pot with stability and is safe to boil the water. The stove is made out of long-lasting material.

  • Long lasting
  • Collapsible
  • Produces heat evenly
  • Small in height and thus compact

  • Produces smoke
  • Not rigid

18. J-Creater Lightweight Camping Wood Burning Stove

J-Creater Lightweight Camping Wood Burning Stove

This is a cylindrical shaped stove which has three arms on the top surface which is strong enough to hold your pan or cup for heating water or cooking food. It is lightweight and easily foldable to carry it in your backpack. The J-Creater Lightweight Camping Wood Burning stove is made up of hardened stainless steel and is durable. The stove is said to be worth buying. The procedure to setup is quite simple and takes no time.

  • Easy to configure
  • Worth money value
  • Durable and Lightweight
  • Easy design

  • The provided storage bag is not good
  • Not so rigid

19. Pelada Wood Burning Stove

Pelada Wood Burning Stove

This wood burning stove is capable of holding off 66 pounds. The Pelada Wood Burning Stove is robust and weighs only 16.9 ounces. This stove is craggy enough to be used for mountainous activities. It is made out of very high-quality steel. The real magic part is, it can heat upto 33 ounces of fluid within 3 minutes. Isn’t it fascinating? It is an efficient stove which does not produce a large amount of it. The blower system is already existing inside the stove and thus ignition of fire is quick, that is, within 20 seconds. The structure has of this wood burning stove is designed by keeping in mind the stability at rough surfaces, that is, it comes with three arms for holding the pot at the surface and three feet at the bottom to stand even on the rough surfaces. The chemical activity, that is, gasification is quite clean. It is safe to carry and use this stove, but it cannot be used simply. It is because, a power bank is required to use this stove, and the sad part is, it is not included in the pack.

  • Efficiently produces heat
  • Quickly boils the fluid
  • Good quality and robust
  • Easy and safe in using and setup

  • Requires power bank, which is not included

20. Kinden Wood Camping Stove

Kinden Wood Camping Stove

Something new and exciting is coming your way! Yes, you heard right 😉 With this Kinden Wood Burning Camping Stove, it is possible for you to enjoy four different varieties of cooking food, that is, roasted food, stewed food, fried food, and even the BBQ grill. This stove comes with a complete kit that lets you have all these included in it. When you buy, it comes as a kit, which includes two camping stoves, food tong along with one pair of insulation gloves, meat net for roasting, a fish dish for grilling, a plate for the stove, a shelf for stove and a storage carry bag to accommodate all these items. The rough and tough material used in the making of this wood burning stove is galvanized steel and thus it is robust and long-lasting. The design of the stove includes larger holes at the bottom for improving the efficiency of the stove and adding woods easily to the stove. These holes also help in proper air ventilation which leads to less smoke.

  • Robust and long lasting
  • Accessories for cooking a variety of food
  • Emits less smoke
  • Multipurpose stove
  • Wind resistant

  • Gloves provided are not of good quality
  • In total, makes it heavy to carry

Buying Guide for Wood Burning Camping Stove

‘Buy what you don’t have yet and what you really want’. When you have multiple options available, consider the best ones as per your requirement and need. You might consider buying the one that fits within your needs. The list of stoves, will provide you the basic knowledge of all the stoves and thus will help you in choosing according to the features. But, there are few things or factors which should be taken into consideration before buying the Wood Burning Camping Stove:

SIZE: Is it too big or small?

You should be very much keen about the size of the Wood Burning Stove since this is one of the most important factors. These are the few points related to Size, which you should keep in mind before buying the Stove:

  • Consider checking the magnitude of the Stove, before purchasing the Wood Burning Stove
  • Don’t forget that you are going on hiking and your stay will be in a tent. The size of the Stove should be considered on the basis of the size of the tent.
  • You are the one who has to carry the stove either in the car or in your backpack. Make sure, the wood burning stove fits in your backup or car along with other items that you carry for the camping.

Weight: Heavy or Light?

The weight of the Wood Burning stove should be checked and then buy. It should be specially taken care when you are not staying at one place and thus requires a portable stove:

  • While going on Camping, there would be a lot of gear that you must be carrying along with you. Make sure you check and calculate the total weight of your belongings including the weight of the stove
  • When you choose to buy a larger wood burning stove, with other items in the kit, consider checking the weight and also if it is possible to take in and out of the car.
  • Usually, the bigger the size of the wood burning stove, the heavier the weight.

Price: Costly or Cheap?

I am sure, this must be one of the main concerns of all the customers, and in fact, it should be. Price is something that comes first while you buy anything:

  • Though buying online is easy, but don’t forget to compare the prices of multiple wood burning stoves of similar features.
  • Price is always taken into account and it usually depends upon the material the wood burning is made of. Along with the material quality, it is also dependent on the features, size, weight, and accessories included with the stove.
  • The offline rates of the wood burning stove are costlier than the ones which you get online. So, consider this opinion.

Advantages of selecting Wood Burning Stoves compared to other Stoves:

There are varieties of stoves available in the market, but these wood burning stoves have some advantages over the other stoves, which are as follows:

Effort and time saver: Other stoves which are in the market uses some kind of liquid fuels or sometimes gas, which needs the effort to be refilled, packing, carrying during the hike. Thus it is always good carrying the wood burning stove.
Cheaper than other stoves: Wood is the main source in this wood burning stove and thus its easily available anywhere on the camping site or during the hike. Thus, its all free for you. On the other hand, fuel canisters or gas going to costs to every time you buy them before starting your travel.
Can be used as Campfire: There are still places, like the campgrounds, where it is not allowed to have the fun of campfire. Don’t you think, a wood burning stove can provide you with a similar feeling and thus fun is all yours 🙂
Something interesting: It is really interesting and fun-filled to set up the new wood burning stove and learns to do that step by step, just like setting up the campfire. This fun part is not present in fuel r gas stoves.
Multipurpose: Along with providing you with the warmth and heat, wood burning stoves also helps in cooking food. Whereas, if you use fuel stoves, you would need another stove to heat the area or tent where you stay.
Provides Sufficient Heat: Your tent will no longer be cold and rather be warm enough for you to stay in cold nights. Wood stoves provide enough heat to keep the large tents warm.
Best for the Environment: It is definitely the best way to produce heat naturally and thus environment friendly and safe for the Environment whereas fuel or gas stoves are not the same.

Few Tips and Tricks for you to be Safe while using Wood Burning Stove:

When it comes to fire and burning, the first that comes to mind is safety. Safety measures should always be taken while it is all about flames and fire. The wood burning stoves should always be used with all the safety measures and few of them are as follows:

  • If the requirement of the wood burning stove is to use in the tent, then fire-resistance mat is the first thing to get with you along. It will help you to protect the area nearby to catch the fire.
  • The canisters, fuels, and other combustible substances have to be kept away from the wood burning stove because they are easy to catch fire.
  • Proper ventilation is required if you are using the bigger stove inside the tent, otherwise, carbon monoxide poisoning might spread around and can be very harmful.
  • May sure keep the stove away from any clothes, as it can catch the fire and also putt off the stove while you leave out of a tent or go for sleep.

Concluding words from us 🙂

Every coin has two sides, which shows the two sides of anything, like positives and negatives. Thus every product we buy has some good or bad things, and it depends upon our requirements to proceed with any one of them. Wood burning stoves are safe for the environment and thus it would be the first recommendations to buy among many other stoves available in the market. Out of the ones mentioned above in the list, I find the Ohuhu Camping Stove as one of the best Wood burning stoves, as it burns evenly and helps to cook quickly and provide heat.

If you are looking for some lightweight wood burning stove options, which would be convenient to pack in the bag and carry it over the hike, then the Emberlit Stainless Steel Stove is best for you. The weight of this stove is only 11.45 ounces and it is definitely easy to carry in your backpack

Another option for you is Firebox Bushcraft Camp Stove Kit if it is okay for you carry a bit large stove. It is a multipurpose stove and is efficient. It comes with a wide range of accessories along with it.

So are you ready to increase some excitement level of your next travel or hike? Are you planning to go alone or with a group? Share with us your next plan and we can help you in choosing the best stove for you to carry along 🙂


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