In this highly volatile modern age, we all spent most of our time in charging devices like phones, batteries, and various electronic devices. As we are nearing 2020, it’s the right time to look at solar energy for multiple purposes.

It is just not going to cut your electricity bill but also gives you the ways to charge your devices when you are outdoor. It offers great freedom when you are in outlets and from electricity bills.

Even if you are opting for hiking or if you are far from charging source, these portable solar chargers for backpacking is beneficial and unmatchable. These solar chargers for camping will charge your mobiles, cameras and even flashlights.

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What makes solar chargers stand out is their capability of recharging that to under the sun. It has many applications in power banks, in electronic devices, and just the solar panel for free charging.

You are utilizing solar power as a natural resource to charge your equipment in at least some areas where you can get some sunshine for some time.

Best Solar Chargers for Backpacking Review and Comparision

This article is comprised of best-gathered budget solar chargers for your various utilities. This review guide will help you in determining the best solar chargers for backpacking and gives a better understanding of the backpacking solar panel reviews

1st Place

RAV Power Solar Charger


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Best Value

Anker 21W Dual USB Solar Charger
By Anker


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Big Blue 28W 3 USB Solar Charger
By BigBlue


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Ryno-Tuff Portable Solar Charger
By Ryno


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ECEEN Solar Charger


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#1. RAV Power Solar Charger

RAVPower Solar Charger

RAV power solar charger is one of the best chargers in terms of price, compatibility, and applications. This charger is 16 W powered, and it comes with three portable USB ports. This is a waterproof charger and offers a high-speed charging facility. This compact solar charger is compatible with a variety of devices such as iPhone series, iPad, Galaxy models like S9, S8 and Note 8 and many more.


  • Solar cells: This 16 Watt powered solar charger increases the charging efficiency by 21.3-23.5%. This helps in faster and efficient charging.
  • Easy to carry: This charger is of less weight for user convenience when travelling or taking. The pressure is less compared to similar chargers. If your applications need more outdoor and travelling, then this is ideal for you.
  • Exotic iSmart Technology: This solar charger consists of 3 USB ports. These ports are built with high-end iSmart technology, which automatically detects the devices and charges them. Each port can produce 2.4 A individually or overall 4.8 A when it is underuse in direct sunlight.
  • Multiple port power: The 3 Port USB is made of brilliant IC frequency technology, which ensures that the output power is evenly distributed to all three connected devices. It delivers specific power to specific devices.
  • Design: The RAV solar charger has a very compact design, tailored to fit for free baggage and things. It is a foldable and waterproof charger. The dimension of the product is 11.8 x 6.5 x 0.2 inches.

PerformanceCharging speedMultiple device chargingDurabilityBest uses
The RAV solar charger is 24 W powered, and even in the passing clouds or in late summer times also it can make a connection to your devices. But in the low sunlight times, it can charge over 1% for 30 minutes. The speed is low in small light areas or times. But under direct sunlight, it is far from others. The rate will increases gradually under direct sun.
When you plug your large batteries or devices under direct sun, this charger can manage to charge up to 2 %, but mind that those are big batteries and need more time to load in any charger. But when you plug the small devices, the speed is good.
Many companies are offering 3 USB port chargers these days. But when it comes to charging all three devices simultaneously, the majority have failed. RAV is no different from others in this matter. When you plug all three methods, it does not show any increase in the percentage of battery charging. If any clods came in between the charging process and dim the light, then it shows the risk of disconnection. It is not able to charge all three devices simultaneously and efficiently.
The durability of the RAV solar charger is quite excellent. The design is compact and similar to other charges. It has kind remarks in strength checking against the metrics.
This low cost, easy to use a solar charger is an excellent option to buy. It is slightly better from its earlier models. This 24 W powered a charger is an excellent option for someone who is looking for an abundant and low-cost solar charger.
Important Notes:
  • Avoid the direct contact of solar panels with concrete, rocks, sand and high heat passing surfaces under direct sun.
  • This will overheat the charger and reduces its capability.
  • Do not place the panels behind the windows, as this reduces the energy conversion.
  • The company gives you 12 month or 1-year warranty.

#2. Anker 21W Dual USB Solar Charger

Anker 21W Dual USB Solar Charger

Anker 21W Power solar charger is a lightweight, compactly designed and built with unmatchable efficiency and charging facilities. This charger includes 2 USB ports. When compared with other chargers, the port numbers are low but is offers high efficiency. This Anker has 10 million+ satisfied users of this product. This model supports many devices like iPhone models, iPad models, Galaxy S7, S6 models, LG, Nexus and HTC and many more.


  • Leading Company: Anker is well known for its quality and durable products. It has a large user base.
  • Fast Charging: The PowerIQ technology enables the fast charging up to 2.1 A under the direct sun. This 15W powered panel produces 25.6% max efficiency. It can charge two devices simultaneously.
  • Durability: The panels in this charger is made up of industrial-strength PET polymer material, jagged with polyester canvas offers high weather-resistant durability.
  • Portability: the dimension of this charger is 11 x 6.3 when folded and 18 x 11 when open. The elastic loops help insecure attachment with baggage. The super-lightweight solar charger is of weight 0.8 pounds.
  • What you get: Under this whole package you will get 21 W 2 USB solar charger, 3 feet USB cable, and an 18-month guarantee.

PerformanceCharging speedMultiple device chargingDurabilityWeight & PortabilityBest uses
The performance of the Anker solar charger is quite high. It can charge up to 10% in 30 minutes under direct sun. In case of any low light, it re-establishes the connection just within 5 minutes and resumes the charging. It works well in bright sunny days, and in case of some passing clouds, it offers to charge to keep your devices powered. Its performance is excellent compared to others.
Anker in the recent test charges the 6000 mAh battery just under 3 hours and 40 minutes. Within this time it costs to 100%. If you plug to the wall, it takes 2 hours to charge the device fully, and this makes it very efficient. Within 30 minutes it can charge iPhone 6 from 0-33%. This 21 W panel has the maximum power output, and the charging speed is fantastic.
When it comes to charging multiple devices simultaneously, the Anker solar charger is unmatchable. There is no competition from others in this arena. It can cost a single battery up to 3 % within 10 minutes, but when another battery is connected, also it is offering a high speed of charging, and the rate increased from 3% to 4%. It delivers consistent and efficient charging to the two devices at the same time.
Anker has created a durable and efficient model of the solar charger. The industrial-strength PET polymer gives protection in many harsh conditions in outdoor. There is also a 30-day return policy if any issues found in panels. Anker is good at creating such durable, effective and efficient solar charges at a fair price.
The weight of the Anker solar panel is very less, and it is straightforward to carry and use it outdoors. No other chargers are offering such kind of pressure. It is a trifold panel with good design. When folded, it looks like a thin book. This solar charger is of low price, compatible, compact design and offers immense performance.
As this panel consistent and effective charging for multiple devices, it is ideal for multiple device charging. If you afford to buy this charger, it is ready to take care of all your charging problems. It is very light and easy to carry a solar charger. It can operate deliberately in passing cloud situations.
Important Notes:
  • This charger is not compatible with iPad nano, classic and shuffle.
  • It offers high charging only under direct sun.
  • It is not a battery, doesn’t hold the charge by itself.

#3. Big Blue 28W 3 USB Solar Charger

BigBlue 5V 28W Solar Charger

Big Blue is always famous for its excellent set of products. This solar charger from Big Blue has 3 USB ports and 5v foldable and waterproof solar panels in it. This solar charger is compatible with iPhone 6/7/8/X, Samsung Galaxy, and LG, etc. This is the most powerful and high-performance solar charger in the market. It can charge your devices quickly and reliably, and the price is also very fair.


  • Easy to Carry: The dimension of this solar charger is 11.1 x 6.3 x 1.3 when folded and 33.1 x 11.2 x 0.2 inches when open. It weighs around 1.25 pounds. It is light weighted and easy to carry for outdoor purposes.
  • Triple port USB: It has 3 USB charging ports, among each, can offer 5v, 2.4 A max. These ports comprised of smart technology for fast and safe charging. This will provide optimal charging depending upon various devices. This is CE/FCC certified and Big blue offers 100% safe charging with overcharging and heating protection.
  • High energy conversion: This efficient upper panel can convert up to 25.6% max. The special PET polymer is forefront in protection in rough conditions.
  • Compatibility: The USB provided is compatible with almost all Android and iOS devices. It doesn’t charge the laptops.
  • Package & support: the package includes a 28W solar panel, 50 cm USB cable, 24-month warranty, etc. Any dark place can affect the charging speed. You should reconnect and establish the connection again.

PerformanceCharging speedMultiple device chargingDurabilityWeight & PortabilityBest uses
The big blue solar charger offers excellent performance even when multiple devices are connected. It gives you a high-speed charging facility as well as consistency in charging. Under the direct sun, the 28W powered panel gives you efficient charging. The best feature is when you are charging under the passing clouds. If the connection with the device is also lost, a big blue solar panel will automatically restart the connection and charges the equipment. This facility is convenient.
This panel size is significant in this charger. This panel has the capability of charging a 20,000 mAh battery by 4 % in 30 minutes. The speed of charging is excellent when compared to other solar chargers. This solar panel is fantastic when it comes to charging speed and efficiency. It will win your hearts in a single shot through its facilities and performance.
Even though Big Blue has multiple USB ports, it is highly recommended to use one port time to achieve greater efficiency. Various ports are more than a marketing aspect than an effective way of charging. But Big Blue offers immense charging power for your devices.
There are no issues with the solar charger regarding charging performance. The PET polymer outlook is protective in harsh environmental conditions. It will function neatly even after days of exposure against the sun.
The larger the panel, the absorption will be more and eventually charging will be at high speed. But the only concern is it may not fit into your backpack. But this large panel solar charger is excellent in charging your devices. It can offer immense performance at tidy conditions.
This incredible high-performance solar charger is excellent for free charging as it withstands harsh conditions. The amazing powered charger has many applications in outdoor load, that to the charging of large batteries.
Important Notes:
  • It is a large panel; keep it safe.
  • Use the solar charger effectively and efficiently.
  • Do not overuse or overheat.

#4. Ryno-Tuff Portable Solar Charger

Ryno-Tuff Portable Solar Charger

Ryno-Tuff is more famous for producing high compatible devices. This solar charger from Ryno is 21 W powered, and this consists of 2 USB ports. This excellent solar charger is highly durable and waterproof. This charging device is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Nexus, LG, Galaxy, other battery packages and all USB ports. This high-performance solar device is a must-buy for outdoor charging activities.


  • High efficient solar cells: Ryno solar charger is one of the best chargers in terms of its highly skilled solar cells. It can get you around a 25 % conversion rate, which is better than many solar chargers. This 21 W powered panel can change your phones in less time of 2 hours from dead to fully charged condition.
  • Maximum power: This folding, durable and lightweight panel is far better than many other pieces. This is a robust panel that produces high performance. There are three panels provided for the maximum conversion rate, each of 11.8 inches wide. You won’t lose any weight while carrying with this fantastic solar charger.
  • iSolar Technology: With this cutting-edge solar technology, you can charge two devices at a time, with excellent power distribution between them. This technology provides many safety measures like it automatically stops charging when the machine is overheated or fully charged. Each port delivers 2.4 A. The bag is provided to keep your devices while charging.
  • Waterproof and Durable: The rugged material of waterproof technology will protect your panel from hard conditions. The best feature is they are offering “lifetime warranty”, any time you got stuck with anything, just give a call and get it back repaired.

PerformanceCharging speedMultiple device chargingDurabilityWeight & PortabilityBest uses
The Ryno solar charger is best known for its high performance. It has 2 USB ports which are supported by cutting-edge iSolar technology for safety and efficiency purposes. The 21 W powered panels have a conversion rate of 25 %, which is quite good compared to fellow chargers. It offers excellent power distribution when two devices are connected. You can charge your phone for under 2 hours.
This solar panel gives a fast charging experience for the users. The power conversion rate is more than 25 %. When you connect one device, the speed was incredible. You can fully charge your phones under 2 hours. The best thing is that, even when you combine two methods, it offers excellent power distribution among the ports to make the charging fast. It can take hardly 2 hours to get the wholly charged phone in your pocket with this charger.
The Ryno solar charger is the best available charge for two-device charging. As it offers the excellent distribution of power between the ports, it ensures the fast charging for both devices. You can fully charge your cell phones under 2 hours with this high performance and durable solar charger. The charging speed was terrific; even two devices are connected.
This waterproof and best build quality solar charger is highly durable. This design is made up of rugged PVC canvas material for the best strength. This withstands any harsh conditions outdoors. The design is specially made for outdoors activities.
This model is of very little weight, and its total weight is 1.1 pounds which makes carrying easy. There are three panels provided with the folding option. It has the folded size of 5.9 x 11.8 x 0.8 and unfolded size of 18.1 x 11.8 x 0.12 inches. These dimensions are designed to make these charges very portable and compatible with many devices.
This lightweight solar charger is best for hiking, outdoor travelling and outstation trips. This portable and high-performance charger can charge your devices in the fastest way. It is sturdy and can withstand many hard situations.
Important Notes:
  • This has no inbuilt battery, only converts solar energy into power.
  • Best for hiking, outstation trips, etc
  • Compatible with most of the devices

#5. ECEEN Solar Charger

ECEEN Solar Charger

ECEEN solar charger is a foldable, portable and a lightweight solar charger. The solar panels are powered by 13 W power. The overall product has fewer specifications in all aspects compared to fellow solar chargers. But it will use when you think less energy is enough. This charger is compatible with devices like iPhones, smartphones, tablets, cameras, speakers and other devices. For minimal usage, this charger is ideal for you. The cost is very less compared to others, $40,0.


  • High efficiency: Solar cells can extract high power and have a conversion rate of 22 %. The charging efficiency is excellent in this charger.
  • Less weight and compact: The design of this charger is compact and is portable with proper dimensions. This charger is very less in weight. With the vast amount of folding’s it feel better when carrying or using.
  • Voltage regulator: The unique Technology of voltage regulation is provided to regulate the voltage according to the devices. This avoids overheating and overcharging of devices. This is the best way to keep your devices safe. The 2 USB ports can offer 2 A each.
  • Unique design: The material of high-quality polyester is used for building purposes. This ensures excellent durability in harsh conditions. The bag is provided to keep your devices while charging or you can use it for carrying purposes. A 40 cm USB cable also provided to ease the charging.
  • Durable: The high-quality polyester material gives the required strength for this charger. It is convenient in weird weather conditions. This portable charger is highly durable. Thanks for its design and quality materials.

PerformanceCharging speedMultiple device chargingDurabilityWeight & PortabilityBest uses
The 13 W powered panel can produce high power with a conversion rate of 22 %. This durable solar charger can charge two devices at a time. The charging speed and efficiency are good. It will take 30 minutes to charge 25% of your phone’s battery. Its working efficiency is excellent. It will slightly struggle with larger devices like laptops.
The charging with 2 USB ports is quite good. It offers excellent power distribution among the ports. It automatically reconnects the device if disconnected by an error. It can charge 25 % of your phone’s battery within just 35 minutes. When compared to others, this speed is pretty good.
Like other chargers, ECEEN solar chargers offer proper power distribution between the ports to manage efficient charging. You can charge both ports for your phones. But for the larger devices like laptops, it will struggle to charge.
The ECEEN solar charger is highly durable. The body is made up of very high-quality polyester, which brings all the resistance against external weather conditions. The design is compact, and the folding facility is given for user convenience.
The weight of this solar panel is 1.02 pounds, which is very less compared to other solar chargers. It is highly portable with its compact design and material. The dimension of this charger is 11.8 x 6.4 x 0.8 inches. With its stand support design, it is too good for outdoor activities.
The full compatible solar charges can be an excellent fit for your trips and outdoor activities. It is effortless to use and carry. It can charge your phones in no time. It is convenient for your daily charging purposes if you are far from a regular charging source.
Important Notes:
  • The panel should be faced with direct sunlight for maximum power efficiency.
  • Must be appropriately handled.
  • Do not overuse the solar charger for a long, long time.

Conclusion & What to Choose?

In modern days, there is a need for solar energy than never before. It’s a real-time to look for this natural resource for your daily needs. We can effectively use this renewable energy in various ways and for multiple purposes. These above mentioned Solar chargers are the best alternatives for any other source of charging in outdoors. These chargers provide great composure, compatibility with many devices, durable, cost affordable and portable.

With these solar chargers, you can effectively and efficiently charge your devices like phones, iPhones, iPods, laptops, cameras, and many more tools. They are built for outdoor purposes, so they are so keen to survive in any condition. These solar chargers can give you high-speed charging, the facility of dual ports for multiple device charging and compact design for portability.

The above list comprised of gathered best hiking and backpacking solar chargers, which are very good in all the aspects, showed excellent performance and great facilities. I hope this well-researched article with a detailed description will help you to determine and choose the best solar charger for your many uses.


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