Let us begin with Bangkok Nightlife Guide: Bangkok is undoubtedly home to ethereally beautiful Buddhist temples, delicious street food, adventurous safari park, fun water sports, historic museums, Crazy Street shopping, green gardens, and lovely floating markets. But, there’s one more irresistible fact that’s missing and that is, the nightlife in Bangkok!

Nightlife is the perfect place to bring out your inner party animal. The real-life Bangkok comes to light in an electrifying way after dawn. That’s when the town is on their mad party vibe. Dance shows, themed parties, nightclubs, roof-top bars, adult nightlife, night markets, all bring in a carefree vibe and help you loosen yourself. Let us begin our journey on Bangkok nightlife.

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Where should one go in one night?

What are the Most Irresistible Bangkok Bars and Clubs?

The answer to these questions is in this article. Here is the best Bangkok nightlife guide which will guarantee to give you an unforgettable night filled with fun and enjoyment.

Sukhumvit: Beast of Bangkok Nightlife


If you’re looking for the best nightclubs in Bangkok, Sukhumvit is the perfect place. One of Bangkok’s liveliest areas, It has a wide range of options available for clubbing and dining. It has some exquisite bars, lounges, clubs, and restaurants.

How to reach Sukhumvit: The Siam Station and National Stadium Station are the closest BTS Skytrain stations closest to Khao San. After getting off from the stations, you can take a taxi.

Best things to do in Sukhumvit

1.) Put on your dancing shoes at The Levels Club & Lounge

The Levels Club & Lounge

This Club is located in the heart of Bangkok. This crazy upscale nightclub is amusing and has a beautiful bar available too.  Being a rooftop bar, it has an amazing view and the ambiance is lit. There is varied music across three areas. The DJ’s focus on all the latest music and make the crowd groove to its tunes. 

Cost: Cocktails and Spirits cost around US$ 9. Beer starts at US$ 8.

How to Reach the Levels Club and Lounge: Get off the Nana BTS Station and it’s a 10-min walk from there.

2.) Enjoy live music, cocktails, and food with an amazing view at Octave Rooftop Bar & Lounge

Octave Rooftop Bar & Lounge

A 360degree rooftop bar, that offers a wide range of cocktails with live music and delicious bites. It gives an amazing sunset view. After dawn, the place is well lit and has a pleasant ambiance. One can enjoy a lazy laidback evening here and make the most of the view.

Cost:  Mocktails start at US$ 7 

How to Reach Octave Rooftop Bar & Lounge: It is at a 3-min walking distance from Thong Lor BTS Station. 

3.) Visit the World’s most renowned Adult Entertainment Complex at Nana Plaza

Nana Plaza

Known to be the “world’s largest adult playground” Nana Plaza is exotic and perfectly describes the adult nightlife of Bangkok. It has some notoriously themed bars. It is completely for adults and has some exotic scenarios around. This gives a dive into Bangkok adult entertainment. 

How to Reach Nana Plaza: Get off at Nana BTS Skytrain Station and walk. It is visible from the station.

4.) Try out bar-hopping at the bar of Soi Cowboy

Soi Cowboy

Bar-hopping sounds pretty great and fun here as this street has more than two dozens of bars on each side. It is indeed difficult to pick the perfect one. The street has this red glow around. Everything is covered in red or pink glittering, neon lights that make the street look so alluring. This again takes us into the Bangkok adult nightlife. 

Khao San Road

Khao San Road

A narrow road, located in Bangkok’s metropolitan area that has crazy food stalls, drinks, attractive and fun ambiance. This street is always full of life and it has its sense of authenticity and is known as the backpacking universe center. The street never sleeps. Even if the bars close by 2 AM, the party scene shifts to the street.

Best things to do on Khao San Road

1.) Enjoy Crazy street food at the Khao San Road

street food at the Khao San Road

There are unnumbered street food carts on the street that serves some mouth-watering dishes which are pretty pocket-friendly. Especially look for the Pad Thai and Roti.

The prices start at US$ 1 for the pad Thai and US$ 0.3 for the roti. It’s an irresistible and a must-have dish.

2.) Indulge in a relaxed massage session on the road

massage session on the road

With Thai massage professionals on the street, this shed area on the Khao San road is solely dedicated to massages. It’s a good way to relax and rejuvenate after a long walk on the street. The massages are effective and worthwhile.

Cost: US $5

3.) Enjoy a full-on street party

full-on street party

The Khao San Road never sleeps. There is always something going on even though the bars shut at 3 AM maximum. Cheap drinks are available starting at US$ 2. It is a complete delight to just let go and dance on the streets while sipping cheap alcohol and feeling the real essence of Bangkok’s nightlife.

Royal City Avenue (RCA)

Royal City Avenue

It is known to be the party hub with one of the finest dance floors in Bangkok that bring out the party animal in you. The best of clubs and pubs are located in this epicenter that has the best groovy music, talented DJs, live music, and booze all night long.

How to reach RCA: One will have to board the MRT subway and get off at Petchaburi station. After getting off, take a direct taxi to RCA.

The best thing to do in RCA

1.) Onyx


Known to be one of the earliest clubs in Bangkok, this giant pub with VIP booths, flashy lights, an underground room, and booming groovy music is what makes it one of the best nightclubs in Bangkok. The specialty about this club is that it throws in confetti balls, dried-ice cannons, and stunning laser lights that enhance the vibe.

Cost: Entry fee of US$ 9

2.) Route 66

Route 66

Known as a perfect den for the party animals, Route 66 is known to have the craziest parties in Bangkok. Every party here is memorable. The club has special lights with dazzling colours that make the club look lit. Partying here for one night will be one of your best Bangkok nights.

Cost: Entry fee of US$ 9 which is inclusive of one free drink. Other drinks start at US$ 5.



The entire city of Bangkok heads to Chinatown for one sole purpose and that is FOOD! Enjoy authentic seafood and piping hot dumplings that are hard to resist. Along with that, it has crazy pubs, roof-top bars, and a night market. Bar-hopping is fun here to enjoy alcohol and feel the crazy vibe of Bangkok’s nightlife.

How to Reach Chinatown: Take the MRT Underground to Hua Lamphong Station. Once you get off the MRT, you can either take a tuk-tuk ride or walk for a good 15-mins.

Best things to do in Chinatown

Walkthrough the Yaowarat Street serving mouth-watering delicacies

The bright red aeon Chinese lanterns make the street very lively. It is known to be a hotspot at the night as it serves delicious food along with a wide range of bars and pubs lined next to each other. The street can be like a maze and has a bustling crowd that makes it so lively.

If you love seafood this is the perfect place to be as it is known as a paradise for foodies. It serves delicious oyster omelets, flat noodles in pepper broth, stir-fried crab, sour and sweet shrimps, and many more dishes. There is a wide range of desserts available as well.

Silom: Old but Gold of Bangkok Nightlife


Silom comes alive in the night. It has bustling market stalls, fine-dining restaurants, and naughty nightclubs that are fun and exciting. This is where Bangkok’s original red light area is. It’s like a prostitution den on Paptong Road. Visiting Silom after dawn is when you get the true essence of Bangkok’s nightlife as well its adult life.

How to reach Silom: It is very easy and convenient to get to Silom. The BT Skytrain as well as the MRT Subway, both connects to Silom.

Best things to do in Silom

1.) Feel the vibe from The Hangover at the Lebua Sky bar

the Lebua Sky bar

If you’ve seen the movie The Hangover, you know exactly what this place is. Lebua Sky bar is the grandest and renowned rooftop bars in Bangkok. It’s located on the 64th floor and that’s what makes it the highest open-air bar in the world. Besides the glorifying view, this place has lovely jazz music, fantastic ambience, and a breath-taking view.

How to Reach Lebua Sky Bar: As you get off the, at the Surasak BTS Station, it’s a 15-min walk.

Cost: US$ 9-19

2.) Visit Maggie Choo’s Bar and get awestruck by its ambiance

Maggie Choo’s Bar

Known for its delightful ambiance, Maggie Choo is Bangkok’s most famous themed bar that serves you a chic vibe, with soothing live music, delicious food, and irresistible cocktails. The entrance is narrow that has just a small wooden Chinese door. Although inside, it has paper umbrellas and lanterns hanging that bring in light and life. It has old vault doors and Victorian-era paintings that take you back in time and give you another chilled vibe.

Cost: US$ 6.

3.) Walkthrough Paptong, the oldest red-light area of Bangkok


This street is where the lively naughty go-go bar culture began. The street is only lit with neon lights and has adult posters around. One of Bangkok’s most famous red-light areas has wild exotic shows. Most of the bars in this line have pole dancers and give a detailed picture of the Bangkok adult entertainment.

How to reach Paptong: If you’re taking a Skytrain, get off at Sala Daeng Station and if you’re opting for an MRT, get off at Silom Station. From both the stations, the distance is the same and requires minimal walking.

4.) Enjoy a memorable dine-in experience at the Hi-So Rooftop bar

Hi-So Rooftop bar

Located on the 29th floor, this rooftop restaurant is a perfect place to be for a pleasant evening with sound music and delicious food. The cocktails here are pretty affordable and you can choose from a wide range of options. The ambiance is relaxed and one can enjoy the extravagant view while savoring a cocktail.

Cost: Drinks start at US$ 8.

Asiatique Riverfront

Asiatique Riverfront

Representing the calm and more cultural side of Bangkok, this area has bars and cafes facing the river. The journey here is by boat, which is fascinating and rejuvenating. There are live cabaret shows, Muay Thai matches, and night markets that stand out from the regular clubbing experience. It is not as noisy as the other places for a good nightlife experience, but it is not worth a miss.

How to reach Asiatique Riverfront: Getting here by boat is the best option. It is fast and convenient. The boat runs till 11 PM in the night. One will have board the boat from Saphan Taksin. Any BTS Skytrain is available for conveyance till here.

1.) Visit the longest-running Cabaret show in Bangkok performed by Ladyboys at the Calypso Cabaret

Cabaret show in Bangkok

Loads of drama and entertainment is packed in store for you at the Calypso Cabaret. It is all glittery and glamorous. The Ladyboys perform excellently and even mock the celebrities like Elvis Presley most often. For a fun-filled evening, make sure you watch a show here and look at a different side of the Bangkok nightlife.

Cost: Ticket per show starts at US$ 28 that comes in with a free drink of your choice.

2.) Watch fight matches at the Muay Thai stadium

Muay Thai stadium

Enjoy this form of martial art called Muay Thai that comes in with loads of acrobatic moves, flying jumps and intense hits. It is indeed an intriguing experience.

Cost: US$ 38.

With so many varied ways to spend your night in Bangkok, it is hard to decide which one to go with. Pick anyone and it will surely be the time of your life. That’s why Bangkok is known to have the best nightlife!


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